In the winter season, there are several colors, and the style construct is very different. It is a routine operation of many middle-aged women. However, there are many people mistakenly or inappropriate, but let the coat take out old feelings. It is also more recommended that they use the beck buckle coat, showing natural age-age, and creates a thin effect.

The color choice of the horn buckle coat is very important

The horn buckle coat is a unique coat item because it is designed in the shape of the shape to be superimposed than the general conventional coat, thereby releasing the age of age.

The bonding of this design is enough to weaken the age characteristics of women. In the coat color use, do not focus on the use of some yellow types or other excessive bright colors to cover up the footprint of the individual. Replace it into some basic colors, some simple colors, but also make women’s generosity to refraction.

This camel’s long coat is not excessive lengthy type, which is a medium and long style, which can reflect the profile design of the fit.

Among the numerous colors of the horn buckles, if combined with simple basis or rice white, this clothing can make this costume play a great value, this color does not make highlights, do not add complex elements Superposition, naturally glow the purest rays and the clean and gentle style.


In contrast, the simple feeling of symbol is maintained, of course, can also be adjusted on color temperatures, with a little beige, more delayed.

Middle-aged women’s biggest constraints are that their age rises can’t let them choose a single product, but if the skin tone is extremely obvious, the skin is fair, and any color can naturally become “well.”

Just take this big red horn buckle coat, the skin white woman should use this single product, which allows the individual’s image to be exceptionally prominent, using the color to bring the deep impression of people, The existence of individuals becomes higher. The use of the inner use does not need to utilize the color line such as pink or yellow, a little conflict with red beef coat, low-key black, can complete a harmonious set of color.


With a half skirt, all the trousers are very age


The aging effects of the horn buckle coat is naturally natural. It will not make people feel that this costume is too difficult to control, but can borrow it to highlight your personalized style and slimming effect.

Above the single product, if its length is obvious, it can be used to combine a skirt, which is a class of cooperation programs that highlight women’s gentle characteristics or elegant breath, which will not reduce the presence of agefields, effective Let the leg shape cover.


The horn buckle coat does not make specific restrictions on the lower body mixing or trousers, even if it is a very ordinary trousers, there is no rejection between each other.

However, the color coordination is still in the circle of dressing. Like a black horn buckle coat, probably all of the most suitable categories of all middle age. Through the joining of the walker, it is very suitable for a little old atmosphere, and a blue trousers.


If you want to create a more obvious comparison effect, in combination with trousers, you can use some types of trousers that differ from previously adopted trousers, add a distinctive style, personal dressing The solution will be different from the foundation, breaking through the conservative style. But the premise is that the color of the walker buckle itself has high compatibility, so it will not be tired of the whole set because of the mistakes of the pants.

The color block of the plaid trousers is selected with a small, color, or dim or bright, which can be converted at will. This dressing coat is very simple, with plaid pants, but can make the shape of vivid beauty.


Croissant coat fitting shoes


Even if the cow buckle coat is used, it will diminish its mature charm due to the formation of the appearance, showing a certain vitality style. The choice of shoes should avoid too exquisite, too much feminine.


It can be matched directly with a small white shoe in which everything or a color, this shoe is light, it is also very comfortable, and the refreshing color will enhance the aging effect.

Many middle-aged women put on a long coat, always make mature feel full, if you want to reverse your clothes, you can change to the design of the walker, even if you take the most dull black, the dullness Darkness, will not look too mature. The match of such coats can directly combine the same color shoe.

Like this black pointed shoes, it is a very design. The key is that it will be stress like high heels. Basically everyone can easily control, highlighting fashion.

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