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Senegal, Zimbabwe and Zambia

150 local sales agents accept relevant sales training

In cooperation with social enterprise Little Sun and NGOs International Peacekeeping Association (Plan International) to bring clean and sustainable lighting solutions for Africa, about one year, leading roof windows manufacturer Virewick Velux Group has launched the first solar lamp in Africa.

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Willux Nature Optical International Design Competition received 172 entries from 65 countries. The review committee composed of excellent experts in the construction, art and design field finally elected the Yeheng Design. The winner is Mariana Arando and Luca, Mariana Arando from Buenos Aires, Argentina. LUCA Fondello. Their design is inspired by lighting to gather people together.

Up to now, VELUX Group has produced and donated 14,500 sets of solar lights, Senegal, Zimbabwe and Zambia 150 local sales agents are trained on how to off-grid areas covered in sales training this solar lamps. The training content includes workshops, role play, product demonstrations, and group cooperation.

Alight Zimbabwe Trust (Plan Zimbabwe Alumni) EDIUS N. Makono said:

“The first business training will be very successful. The scene of the high-pro-game, the future sales agent is very interested in this product, and believe that it will be better-selling. Sales agents have found that natural light luminaires can save their customers. Money. After two months, customers will find these lamps than kerosene lamps. Having solar lights means people can live independently of power grid. “

Bring sustainable lighting products for Africa

Today, 1.2 billion people in the world live in the universal network coverage, and the sunset is often lacking in reliable and sustainable lights. Therefore, the Willux Group and Little Sun will cooperate to bring solar lights to Africa. The project adopts middleman distribution mode, and the Willux Group donated the first 14,500 solar lamps. Since the beginning of 2016, these luminaires will be sold at a lower price in Senegal, Zimbabwe and Zambia’s local powerless grids.

Little Sun Sales Manager Mason Huffine

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This solar light will be designed by the winner of Natural Light International Design Competition. Their design is inspired by lighting to gather people together. The design philosophy of this solar lamp makes a variety of lamps, and therefore, people can also bring their luminaire to party places and have a good time.

Natural light lamp donation

Willux Group is firmly committed to people around the world more opportunities to get sunlight and fresh air, and give back to society. The company uses them to play the biggest influence in the light field. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of its establishment, the company will be more focused on sustainable, reliable and low-priced luminaires for the African powerless grid coverage.

Introduction to the Natural Lighting Sale of International Peacekeeping Association

The sales model used is similar to the microfinance mode, and the small loans provide small loans for small local entrepreneurs who cannot obtain loans under normal circumstances due to lack of stable income or collateral, helping them to start. To help start sales, these entrepreneurs will receive a batch of natural light fixtures for free at the beginning. Sales income is your own profits, or you can use the lamp for sale, thus establishing a small business that is negative and losing.

Little SUN Introduction

Little Sun is a social enterprise and a global project, found by Artist Olafur Eliasson and Engineers Frederik Ottene, aimed at the global powerless grid 1.1 billion people in the coverage area brings cleaning, reliable and low prices. The first product of the project Little Sun Solar LED lamp is available all over the world. Sales of Little Sun Laptle in the global grid cover makes this product to be able to sell at a lower price in a non-powered network, which provides an alternative choice for kerosene lamps and other fuel lamps. Little Sun meets people’s demand for lighting in a sustainable way, through cooperation with local entrepreneurs, to create employment opportunities in the local area and produce profits in the local area, allowing power-off coverage. Little Sun is launching in Titt Modern Art Museum in Titten in July 2012. Since then, the Global sales of the Little Sun light exceed 300,000, nearly half of the lamps to the unparalleled area. In April 2014, Little Sun received a $ 5 million loan provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies, which enables Little Sun to expand its business in Africa.


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