Han traffic is swept, long grit woolen coat + straight pants simple atmosphere, warm fashion


Have to say that South Korea’s fashion wind has always leads the entire fashion style of Southeast Asia. If you don’t know how to wear clothes, there is no relationship, follow this year’s Seoul Street to learn. Lamb jacket, casual suit jacket, woolen coat, short cotton clothes, or dress, simple and atmospheric.

LOOK1: lamb jacket

The lamb will stick to the material, can play warm and increase the sense of fashion, and take a black daily calendar, casual shirt, brownish yellow lamb, splicing short casual jacket, the lower body choice The straight straight casual pants, the entire match with retro wind and modern urban, is a typical Korean flow.

LOOK2: Coat

Wood coats actually with windbats have a certain degree of similarity, because both can be well concave and modeling. With a tight t-shirt with a tampon with an orange-yellow pile, the lower body chose a white straight casual pants, and it is a long queer coat. It is simple to color, but it is very bright.


This pure black long woolen coat, which will be more convenient to make a shape, and you can choose a little bit of color, but must be the tight of the high collar, we choose this wide black. jeans. If you feel that the coat is not slim, it is not enough, then you can choose a colorful pocket to make a match. It is very perfect.


LOOK3: Casual Spread Jacket

This whole suit suit is not a typical suit suit, with some abstract artistic sense, also adds personality and fashion, and it is a choice of black casual shirt, the material of the shirt is very thin, with this Gripet’s ink leisure kit, handsome and youth are both.

Relatively, this is a typical suit jacket style. It is a black wool casual in the upper body. The colored high waist jeans selected by the lower body, and then take a black casual suit small coat, because each item The material is different, so even if it is black, the gloss and quality sensitivity are also different.


If you feel that pure black is too disadvantary, then this vertical stripes can look more lighter, and more fashionable, the lower body is the light-colored card trousers, card pants and suit jackets, It is a typical tooling. The upper body can choose a light bottoming up. With a light pocket, a sexy is strong.


LOOK4: cotton jacket

When many people wear cotton jackets, it is actually not necessarily wearing the kind of fashion, so we must actually learn this single product, can play warm roots, can also make our temperament have a quality The leap, the black short cotton clothing is yellowish brown, so that the whole color is not so dull, the black high collar casual sweater is also the casual trousers, so that this Whole matching, although most of it is black, there is also a certain level.


White short cotton clothes, in fact, from a certain extent, it is better than other colors, just for some girls. White color is almost a hundred, you can choose a retro style’s tight jeans, or you can choose a brunette’s wide-legging trousers or a straight trousers.

This coat is not cotton clothes, but a wool coat weave with a wool material. Generally, many people like to match with jeans, but in fact, the one-piece half skirt is more likely to present a literary fan, but how the overall temperament should Rendering, depending on the style of the sweater you choose.

This is actually a simple splicing, used by lamb, butterfly, the two are not only a certain difference in color, that is, there is a big level in the material, and the lower body is very distinctive. The crimp jeans, the simple match is very trend.

And this skin’s dress is also a first machine, and what kind of trousers can reflect different fashion sensations. If you fight with this center velvet, it is a retro Fashion.

LOOK6: Dress


The knitted dress, especially the sense of relatives, and this dress is also suitable for a black tight bottoming, but also enhances the visual effect, but also enhances the visual effect, but also enhances the visual effect.


Han Li wind is that everyone can easily control, just when we choose, you have to know which style will be better to do so, you can better avoid happening.

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