Time, always inadvertent, I haven’t come back, I have already left very far away. Another year of autumn, whenever you go to the season, the woman always feels that there is a few trend of trend in her wardrobe. I want to wear an elegant effect, and I want to keep up with the fashion, may wish to be in this season. Choose a good look “soft, gentle wind” sweater, match your favorite pants or skirts, let yourself look through the bright, very spirit, so our work and life is also full of passion, Here, some common sweater is recommended. I hope there is such a kind of temperament that meets your temperament, which is in line with your identity, and it is in line with your age. Let’s take a look.

Sweater and skirt

Match (left): beige high collar sweater + gray plaid wool dress + black leather shoes


Match (medium): horizontal striped knit sweater + white mesh skirt

Match (right): light coffee color knit sweater + same color mesh skirt

The common sense tells us that the clothes are only worn by them, they know that they are in line with themselves. For autumn sweater, be sure to choose the kind of skin-friendly effect. After all, clothes are still close, if the workmanship is relatively rough, you will feel that the stab thorn is very uncomfortable, the woman should be I am a little better, even if I buy a few clothes, you have to choose a few comfortable, high-grade clothes, so you can make you look more taste, sweater is very typical with a half-skirt, and the autumn is so Warm and feminine.

Red sweater sweater

Match (left): red set sweater + gray wearer + sneakers


Match (medium): red v-neck shirt + fish tail skirt + pointed high heel

Match (right): irregular red sweater + black half-length skirt


I believe that as long as it is a woman, there will be a few pieces of clothes, and autumn clothes are no exception. The red sweater, red sweater, free match, but the most classic match or black image This, the second matching method is compared, a woman taste, a female cardigan, V-neck design of the sweater, with the fish tail skirt, and step on a pair of elegant high heels, very beautiful.

Pink sweater

Match (left): pink sweater + full star skirt + black leather shoes


Match (medium): pink sweater + white nine pants + brown leather boots

Match (right): pink cashmere shirt + black skirt

If you ask me, what color clothes are gentle, pink, rice white, bricks, etc., are a gentle category, maybe each woman has a princess dream, when it is small, parents will let The girl touches a variety of pink things, such as pink dolls, pink pencil boxes or pink bicycles, perhaps this kind of perspective from small cultivation, so that many women have pink, there is no resistance. When we grew up, we found the style of dressing, and will be affected by some factors from time to time, such as the pink sweater so gentle style, how can you not let people like it? Or is so beautiful with a skirt or a white trousers, there is a woman’s taste, and it is quite gentle.

Twist woven

Match (left): light blue twist woven jacket + V neck dress

Match (middle): red big lantern + black sweater + half length skirt

Match (right): beige cardigan + V collar bottoming shirt + half length skirt


A twist knitted sweater, I have already existed for a long time, it seems to be the product of my mother age, but after the improved version of the twist woven sweater, it can accommodate the trend of the current popularity, you will find these twist weave sweaters, The version has great innovation, suitable for the aesthetics of the people, such as knit sweaters, and the second feature is a big lapel, all of the nice version, with a half-length dress, or a long skirt, very grace.


Warm yellow loose sweater

Match (left): round neck rhizo sweater + white mesh skirt

Match (right): Beret + warm yellow sweater + jeans

Warm yellow, like the chicken, the color of the feathers, very soft, of course, very comfortable, the knitted sweater designed, loose design, even if it is slightly fat Girls, can also wear a beautiful effect, such a sweater, it is not a fire, because he doesn’t pick people, even if you don’t have a slim figure, you can let you wear beautiful feelings to match the skirt or It is jeans, all good choices, easy to eat meat is thin and actually let you feel the perfect experience.

White sweater


Match (left): white high collar sweater + tie skirt

Match (middle): rhizo needle sweater + white shirt + white pants

Match (right): rice white high collar sweater + brown long coat + high waist wide leg pants

Women who like to wear white or beige must be more love, after all, this clothes are cleaned, and in a gentle clothes, white is more common, probably skirt or white pants, if The weather is cold, with brown orange windbreaker coat, very beautiful, of course, wear a flat bener hat, it will be more perfect. An elegant woman, temperament is from the inside out, the inner heart is beautiful, the external wear is not, the temperament woman always gives a very affinity, people enviable.

Horizontal striped color knit sweater

Match (left): yellow powder hit color sweater + retro jeans

Match (medium): white red blue color sweater + jeans + black leather shoes

Match (right): blue white powder cross striped sweater + pink skirt

Hit colored rainbow knitwear, horizontal stripe design such a knit sweater must be the favorite of the girl, whether it is with jeans or a half-length dress, gives a sweet neighbor girl’s pure image, very beautiful, in choosing rainbow There is a tip of tips when colored clothes, try not to choose a large sweater with a large color contrast, which looks not very gentle, you can choose this shallow matching style, very gentle.

Lace bottom knit sweater

Match (left): hollow lace bottoming shirt + black skirt

Match (right): lace white bottoming shirt + jeans

On the bottom of the bottom, add a little lace element, it becomes more “woman taste”, choosing such a “micrice” element, not only can play an unexpected beauty, but not so exaggeration, give People a very beautiful visual enjoyment, you can match the skirt, you can also match jeans to wear, all good choices.

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