Which is more important? There is no doubt that it will naturally choose the height for small children.

In addition to how it is high in wearing, it is also important to choose the shoes and directly affect the leg line and the overall height ratio.

Many small children are increasing in the shoes, although they can have a certain increase in the shoes, but also affect the wearing comfort, it is likely to affect the muscles of legs.

In fact, in addition to the increase in internal, the shoes with an increased effect are the most simple and straightforward. Next,

Just planting the three treasures of the grass, so that the small child boy is easily penetrating the big legs.

canvas shoes


Canvas shoes are one of the most popular shoes in the shoes, simple and comfortable, and all in the four seasons.

Don’t look at the canvas shoes, actually have a very significant increase in effect, very suitable for small children. For example, classic



Nine pants

Delicate an ankle and visually ultra-high.


Canvas shoes, use the height of the shoes to tighten the ankle muscle, and can also play a certain increase.

When mixing with high canvas shoes,

Avoid conventional trousers, wide legs


Choose tools, stovepipe, nine pants


It is more expensive to expose the shoes.

In addition to the low, high-top, canvas shoes is very rich.

Like a more designed


Thick canvas shoes

It can be said that it is “increased artifact”, which is equivalent to high heels exclusive high heels, and it has a significant increase in the thickness of the sole.

Martin boots

Speaking of increasing shoes, the Martin boots must be famous in the list.

Hard profile with thick soles, the overall model is also cool, tightening the ankle increases, the modified leg type also has a very excellent effect.

Martin boots are quite friendly for small children, not only helps increase, but also very well.


In any case


Wang fried combination, still match

Jeans, casual pants

It can make the overall styling gas field immediately, walking from the gas field, and the passing of 180 is both passage.

Old shoes

The biggest feature of the old shoes is that the version is designed. The thick bottom height is equivalent to a pair of ordinary high heels height, and the increase is more than a little bit.

It is the characteristics of the body structure, and the old shoes are very suitable for small children, helping to pull the long leg lines more high.

However, there is also a disease in the old man shoes, which is that the shoes are more cumbersome, easy to enlarge the vision and crush the body.

So in a match, try to


Avoid edition too long, too slim pants


Best choice for wide leg pants, nine pants


It can make the increase effect more significant.


The above is the three “increased shoes” recommended for small children. If you are also worried about the height, and fashionable to wear knowledge is scarce, it is better to choose only simple and direct growth, choose a pair of suitable shoes, easy to wear Long legs!

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