The first trading area of Zhongxiang Clothing Wholesale Market in China Xiang Trade City is open.Zhongxiang Clothing Wholesale Market is the only clothing market in Xiangcheng and even the entire Suzhou City.
Suzhou Yukou clothing market is located in Wuzhong District, Suzhou, only 1 kilometers from the west, the first project is 3,000 square meters. The second project floor of Suzhou Clothing Wholesale Market will have started construction, planning in 1 yearInternal construction, Suzhou Yukou clothing market is located in Wuzhong District, Suzhou, only 1 km from the west and fortress, the first project is 3,000 square meters, and the first project floor will have started construction, planned within 1 year.Built, the Suzhou Kukou clothing market is a value-added clothing sales area integrating leisure, foreign trade apparel, Japanese and Korean clothing.

As part of the clothing, there is no children in the clothing, there is no more women’s wear, and the style is rich, but as part of the consumer group, the men’s clothing also has the top wholesale market, looking for places, no matter whether they are still, it is very advantageous.

First, Hangzhou texture international men’s base

As part of Hangzhou four quarter green clothing base, the texture men’s clothing must have a decree, after all, the wholesale market here is based on women’s clothing and children’s wear, so the texture will let male compatriots find a sense of existence.

Take the goods, the texture is not very cheap, so I will cherish. The parking space is super less, so the friends who recommend the goods are still taking a taxi, otherwise it is a waste of time.

Second, Guangzhou men’s wholesale market

1 ⃣️ Red Cotton International Fashion City

Address: No. 184 Huanshi West Road (Exit D4, Guangzhou Railway Station, Metro Line 2)

Station West 2nd Building

Address: No. 1 to 4, Railway Road (Export of Guangzhou Railway Station, Metro Line 2)

Huimei International

Address: No. 139, Huanshi West Road (opposite to Building 2, No. 2 West)

UUS International Fashion City

Address: No. 14 Guangyuan West Road (on the same side of the 2nd Building, No. 2 West)


Thirteen row pads, Yangxiang Road

Address: Paddle, Liwan District, Yangxiang Road

Third, Changshu Men’s Card

(China Men’s Mouth Center) is located in the most prosperous core area of ​​Changshu Coat, is superior. It is large, and the main body is four layers of the market, the five-layer and underground layer is a large parking lot of 36,000 square meters; the entire building area reaches 92,000 square meters. And the clothing city is about 1.5 kilometers away from the usual urban area, and the market is the long-distance passenger terminal, which is very convenient.

The center has now developed into the youngest, most vibrant market, Hengyuanxiang, sewing tree, Longda Fei, Hong Kong Corpoill, Shanni, Skill, French Woodpecker, Ordos, etc. Brand struggle into the station. The project is based on men’s clothing brand, which has functions such as deals, office orders, research and development, design, information release. It is currently the best business environment, the best service management, and the most popular men’s wholesale center.

Fourth, Shishi Men’s Wholesale Market

Shishi is one of China’s main clothing production base and distribution center. The reputation of “There is no business, there is no business, and there is a worldwide”. A large number of well-known men’s clothing is from Shishi, such as a representative of the business men’s clothing. Fugui bird, Jiu Mu Wang, a brand, Jinba, sports and casual representative Nike, Adidas, etc. There is also a stone lion is the representative of China’s sports and casual clothing is also a source of origin. Here is mainly for large wholesale and brand processing and album, suitable for brand joining and chain operations, and if you don’t get it. Its price is mainly mainly medium and high-grade, and the positioning of people is also relatively wide. It has been retail from adults. If you want to know about the development trend of sports and casual clothing, it is worth it.


Five, Wenzhou Trade City

Wenzhou Trade City will fully rely on the advantages of the traffic logistics in Wenzhou New South Railway Station, and strive to build a large modern trading center in Wenzhou’s first set of wholesale, retail, show, transactions, logistics distribution functions. But it is mainly low-grade price, and it is a full-class male dress, and the span of positioning is also relatively large, from teenagers to the elderly. Because of the advantages of traffic logistics, a large secondary wholesale market formed by the surrounding resources is integrated, the category is complete, the cost performance is high, and it is convenient to get the goods. It is suitable for the surrounding agent to temporarily get the goods, and the operating mode is simple.

Sixth, Zhengzhou men’s clothing wholesale market

The Zhengzhou Yinji Clothing Market is located in No. 8, No. 8, Zhengzhou City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. Main business: clothing. The three layers are mainly engaged in the following products below, three floors are high-end and brand boutique franchise. Zhengzhou Yinji Business Trade City is a very good clothing wholesale market near Zhengzhou Railway Station. The goods in the inside are very complete.

Zhengzhou Jinrong Business Trade City

Zhengzhou Jinrong Trade City is located in No. 30, Nanjijiamen Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, founded in 2002 and is the largest outer floor clothing wholesale market in the Central Plains. Jin Rongchalco is implemented in partitioning, clearly positioning, market division, fashion, local processing, denim, men’s clothing, etc., which is very convenient for customers to shop. For the development of Zhengzhou Jinrong Business Trade City Men’s Wholesale Market, it is also possible to meet the needs of local consumers, and through eight years of development, it has formed a professional clothing combined with modern buildings and shop markets. .

Zhengzhou Jincheng Clothing Wholesale Market

Jincheng Clothing Square is a large-scale clothing square based on brand clothing wholesale, using a modern fashionable architectural style, a total of seven layers, and the second floor of the underground is the equipment layer, which is a layer of children’s clothing boutique, one floor For the fashion women’s clothing area, the second floor is the gentleman’s men’s clothing area, three floors are the women’s boutique area, four layers are the leisure area, five layers are the office area, the function plan is reasonable, the scale is very magnificent.

Zhengzhou Qiantang Yinger City

Zhengzhou Qiantang Yi City is located next to Qiantang Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It is mainly engaged in the wholesale of medium and low-end clothing, which is dominated by Guangzhou, Shanghai’s woolen and mid-range men’s clothing. Mainly engaged in men’s clothing, women’s clothing, price, quality, in moderate, Zhengzhou’s largest clothing wholesale market, next to the train station, Silver, World Trade, Jin Rong, Jincheng, Tianlong, Qiantang. Convenient transportation, like Tianlong, silver, basement has a large parking lot.

Seven, Wuhan men’s clothing wholesale market

Wuhan Hanzheng Street Clothing Market

Wuhan Hankou North Clothing Wholesale City

Wuhan Dufu Mall


Wuhan Qihang Wuhan North Electric Business Wholesale City

Eight, Beijing men’s wholesale market

Tianya Building

Beijing Jingwen Apparel Market

At present, there is a large number of domestic well-known brands such as Xi Birds, Love Sen, Red Beans, Yale Deer, Open, Okang, and Sunda.

Zoo wholesale market

Beijing Five Drawing Clothing Market

Beijing Tianhe Baima Clothing Mall

Top-grade clothing professional malls jointly created by Beijing Tianhe International join hands with Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market. Guangzhou Baima has 20 years of business experience in clothing, China’s first clothing professional market brand operation expert.

Shilong Clothing City

Located in the Yellow Village West, Yongding Town, Meitougou, Beijing, mainly engaged in: clothing. It also mains the remaining children in various foreign trade export orders, adult clothes, varieties, novel style, cheap, workmanship, pay attention to the materials, welcome to pay attention.

Nine, Shanghai Men’s Wholesale Market

Shanghai’s clothing wholesale markets in the central city, southeast of Zhabei District. Grasping the clothing wholesale market in Shanghai. Shanghai Qipu Road Clothing Wholesale Market, East Qi Shanxi North Road, West to Fujian North Road, Beibei Qipu Road, Nanzhao Suzhou River, located in the center of Qipu Road, close to Nanjing Road Business Circle, close to Sichuan North Road Business Circle, and Pudong Lujiazui is looking at the river.

Ten, Suzhou Men’s Wholesale Market

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