The child used a diaper when I was a child. I remember that we were picking out the diaper and starting with diapers. I think it is much more comfortable than diapers. At least it is very comfortable.

Give your baby a diaper, don’t just choose, you must be a cotton, the cotton is not just a good hygroscopicity and is sensitive.

Here, if you give your baby a diaper

The diaper should be suitable, and the generally square diaper side should be 70 ~ 80 cm long, and it can be folded into triangles when used. Rectangular diapers can be made 35 cm × 100 ~ 120 cm size.


Generally preparing 25 ~ 30 blocks to meet the replacement, washing, and drying

Diaper must be comfortable, correctly mature, not only in order to ensure that the child does not disclose it, not dustproof and bedding, more importantly, let the child’s knee, hip joint is in a natural state, avoiding the nest of diapers and Intentionally straight legs, fix the lower extremity and cause hip dislocation. The newborn legs are separated by a crab, and the knee joint is in a natural posture. The circular bone at the top of the thigh bone can stay in the joint slightly, which is not pulled off due to straightening legs.

Diaper is changed, washed frequently. If the diaper is not replaced in time, the baby’s skin is more likely to be stimulated by the stimulation of the residual detergent on the diaper in the case of soaking. The role of hard wash is obvious, which can be washed away from the urine of the diaper, and the contaminants such as the contaminants can also be disinfected. Sun sunshine is to disinfect the ultraviolet irradiation in the sun, it is much better than drying, drying, etc.

I hope that the treasure mom can use the diaper for the baby.

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