Yao Ming is a well-known figure, people often are very curious about his height, sometimes parents will also hurt their own children:

It will be as high as Yao Ming.

This expectation is basically a parent of the boys. For girls, too high is sometimes conducive to it.


In ancient China, the woman often wants to be with Jiao Xiao, such as “three inch Jinlian”, is in a small beauty.

Perhaps it is a genetic reason. There are very few women in Chinese history, but in the 20th century, there is a girl known as “female giant”.


She is the world’s first female giant Zeng Jinlian, she is 14 years old, Yao Ming, 18 years old, death, the body has not fallen.

“Female Giant” childhood

Zeng Jinlian was born in a small village in Hunan Province, and her difference has begun to reflect from a child. Initially, Zeng Jinlian’s height is just a little higher than the same age, her parents have not cared, after all, the strength of Zeng Jinlian is still very strong.

When someone else’s children can’t do any farm activities, the five-year-old Zenglian can have a bucket of water. Such a child can be said to be a not much labor force at the time.

Little age can help parents to relieve stress, and Zeng Jinlian’s parents have been happy because of this.

More than parents think this is a good thing, Zeng Jinlian is also favored by the students because of the high son, and the students always like to pull Zeng Jinlian kick, skip rope.

But things are not smooth, and Zeng Jinlian’s height is not more than one star than ordinary children.


Zeng Jinlian is 6 years old, everything has become uncontrolled. Height began to fierce, this is highly highlighting at the same age, and this is a focus of attention in the crowd. As long as Zeng Jinlian is one stop there, everyone will be attracted.

She often thinks: if it can be short, it will be fine. At the age of 14, Zeng Jinlian’s height has reached 2.26 meters. Yao Ming’s height is 2.26, but Yao Ming is an adult.


Yao Ming’s height provides a convenience of his career, and it can even be said to be talent. Because of playing basketball, Yao Ming’s height occupies great advantages, 21 years old, have achieved great achievements in basketball games, and then harvested a lot of fans in international events.


Compared with Yao Ming, Zeng Jinlian’s luck is obviously not so good. She has a big body than Yao Ming, but there is no good fate of Yao Ming.

Due to the toll of home living conditions, Zeng Jinlian is too fast, and the amount of food has increased. The poor families have no way to provide warmth, only to do their best, and the people of the village have also provided a lot of help for Zeng Jinlian.

Even so, far from the face of Zeng Jinlian, is still a malnutrition feature, and the hair is attached to the scalp like a dead.

At that time, China did not implement the family planning policy, and a few children belong to normal. The efforts of the entire village have not solved the warmth of Zeng Jinlian, and even if there are several children in the house.

Brief happiness

China has been known as “Bang of Friendship since ancient times, which is reflected in the Chinese people’s friendly,

It is not only to face foreign friends, and the Chinese have adopted this attitude when facing their compatriots.

Zeng Jinlian’s thing is quickly transmitted to the government’s ear. In order to help Zeng Jinlian, the government came up with a way: let visitors come to visit.

Zeng Jinlian’s thing really caused the people’s curiosity, the government reported this matter, and there was unexpected effect.

Everyone came to Zeng Jinlian’s home to see her appearance, I want to see how high it is.

At the same time, the government also supplies 1000 pounds of rice in the home of Zeng Jintian, which is used to solve the huge problem of Zengjin lotus.


The problem is solved, and there is still a problem. Because Zeng Jinlian’s clothes must be specially customized, buy the yarn to do itself and costly, the government directly allocated to Zeng Jinlian to do two suites.

Zeng Jinlian’s height has not stopped growing, the length of the bed is not enough. The local Civil Affairs Bureau has changed three beds to Zeng Jinlian. When she was 16 years old, the size of the bed has reached 8.5 feet.

Zeng Jinlian also received the help of Hunan rubber plant workers, deliberately customized three pairs of large size rain shoes and rubber shoes for Zeng Jinlian.

This happens to some extent solve the problem of Zeng Jinlian’s home, although it is not fundamentally rich, but can alleviate the situation in the family’s economy.

Life seems to be better, Zeng Jinlian caused the attention of the national team basketball team because height is too high, just like Yao Ming.

Then there was no suspense, Zeng Jinlian entered the national team and finally solved the problem of eating.

In the country, Zeng Jinlian, I want to cultivate her into a outstanding basketball player. For this poor family, it is absolutely a good news.

Since then, Zeng Jinlian began training in the national team, not only strongly and healthy, but also solved his work, and the body’s situation also improved.


But the good is not long, it seems that God is to give this a rugged life.

After entering the national team, Zeng Jinlian has become greater, while the food is increased, the urine is also increased.

If you start thinking that the food of Zeng Jinlian is normal, but the urine volume is not normal. When I didn’t come to the national team, Zeng Jinlian has never been checked because he is a high issue to go to the hospital, and there is no doubt what you have.

This physical condition is unusual, let everyone pay attention to it, directly with Zeng Jinlian to the hospital medical examination, but the result is like a sunny day.

Zeng Jinlian was finally uncovered by such a large number of giants, and she had a disease, named: giant.

All symptoms have reasonable explanation, and the significant performance of giant disease is to grow excessive growth during children’s period, and the growth of the limbs is rapid. At the same time, accompanied by a lot of appetite, strength and other symptoms.


The so-called power of Zeng Jinlian can help home sharing housework is a tutaneous condition.

Some of the patients with giants are related to genetic factors. Zeng Jinlian has a brother and two younger brothers, a total of six people, only her own height is so high, so it can exclude the genetic reason.


According to the survey, Zeng Jinlian’s illness is due to pituitary lesions, and other children in their homes have not suffered from giants. When people have a small wish, they are like curses in Zeng Jinlian.

As the curse is a bad news, the pain has been wrapped around Zeng Jinlian’s whole body, and it has brought a series of side effects due to the growth.

Giants are difficult to treat at the time, and Zeng Jinlian’s brain has a tumor is also difficult to eliminate. Zeng Jinlian, who is not allowed to train, can only return to the hometown, and it is suffering from the pain in the room.

That day, I used to call Zeng Jinlian to eat, but I found that Zeng Jinlian has no response. It turns out that Zeng Jinlian is leaving in sleep. At the age of 18, I was 18 years old because diabetes forever left.

Giant’s dedication

The Chinese have a lot of excellent quality since ancient times, and the “awakened age” has set off a boom because the college entrance examination is once, this drama is also a golden sentence, and each sentence can give contemporary young people very shocking. .

One of them is impressive:


More important than knowledge, it is human thinking, position and professional ethics.

Zeng Jinlian was born in a poor family, but in terms of thought, there was never lost Chinese bones and face.


Because there is no money to go to school, the food in the family is not good, the sweet potato has become the main food. Under this condition, she has no complaints, always helping the villagers with their own height advantages.

Zeng Jinlian has not buried since after death, some people have a question: Why can’t she fune over her rest in peace?

This is actually her own will, originating from her innocent heart, she said to the doctor before going to the world:

Please donate my body to help medical better development



Giants are indeed a rare case in China, and Zeng Jinlian actively puts forward their own remains, which has a great advantage to the development of medicine and the country.

The development of Chinese medicine in the 20th century is in a gray period, although the giants have also appeared in previous history, but there is no systematically study. Zeng Jinlian is a team member of the national team, giving medicine, a close-up contact with the patient’s chance.

Zeng Jinlian chooses to donate his body to Hunan Medical University, in exchange, actually give up the rest after you.


The body of Zeng Jinlian was included in Hunan Medical University, but also set up a museum to store the items used in Zeng Jinlian.

This will learn from these fragmented objects when visiting the museum. She is known as China’s female giant, but only 18 years in life, but Zeng Jinlian is not a time to measure.

Despite the deaths for many years, people will still pay attention to her and painful, dedicate their deeds for medicine.

Life is a set of scripts, people can do, don’t change the script, but try to make it.

Although the life of Zeng Jinlian’s life is bumpy, she uses her own efforts to do outstanding lives.

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