Give your child a long-sleeved loose sweater to meet the arrival of autumn.

Today began to give the child land, the child is ready, the child is growing, the clothes are year-on-year. The era of “New Three Years, Old Third Year, Sewing, and Three Years” before. Especially there is a clothes in the family: Grandma, you or a mother. Clothes are new, which is not finished, which is another year. . .


My child’s clothes I think it is still the most comfortable, but it can’t always be the same. Then the skin-real girl also likes the public, just like the little monkey of my family, I want to give her a lace sweater to see the style map.


Just seam two lace, immediately become a princess fan, is there? ? ?

The side is also very good.

It is the front and sleeves have lace, and the post-film is not

Share 110 Code Cutting for everyone


Trimming chart unit: cm

It is the style of the beat sleeve, the dashed line portion is the position of the lace, the width of the lace is about 10cm, the position of the shoulder, the sewing the lace is just to the position of the shoulder, the lace of the sleeve is just a connection effect.

The neckline is threaded, the thread length 36cm is 2 cm after folding the finished product width. There is no thread to replace the thread, provided that the elastic force of the book is large enough.

Both the hem and the cuffs are cut by the size of the threaded length according to the size of the crop.


The other number type can be pushed by a 4cm length of 3.5cm sleeve length of 3.5cm sleeve

Want to learn more children’s clothing and push plates, you can click on the circle card below to enter the circle from the most basic children’s clothing autologous prototype plate, the circle’s use cycle is three months, in which three months can learn from the circle All content, the expiration of the renewal can continue to be used.

(Add a circle card here, please see the headline client today)

Sewing process and sewing process

The selection of fabrics, knitted sweater fabrics, thick, you can choose

Combined with the top criteria and the baby’s body type after the plate, the cut is concluded.

The fabric must first shrink before cutting

Cuffs and hem, the neckline cut, color, color, color

Sewing process


Sewing on the front and sleeve pieces

Sewing before and after sewing, stitching the thread neckline

When the neck is sewing, you must do the positioning mark before and after.


Sewed sleeves and front and rear side seams. Sewing cuffs and hem threads

Ok, the finished product is completed.

Painted version, production is still very simple

If you like it, you can try it. If you don’t understand, you can go to the commentary message to communicate.

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