Transferring beads, as the name suggests, “transport” is its greatest bright spot and advantage, and people give them a good meaning. Daily wear transfer beads, good luck.

But if the transfer bead is worn, what is the location? Wear a few? What is your material? It’s all paying attention to it. Let’s learn together ~ I will have to buy it according to my own needs.

First, the most common transfer bead style, material

Gold transfer beads:

Meaning the wealth of good luck, while the gold transport beads and skin are always in a friction form, which promotes the blood circulation of the body, so the benefits of wearing gold jewelry can also reduce the skin infection.

Silver transfer beads:

The silver itself has, preventing bacterial growth, security, dirty god, stopping, except evil spirits, long-term wearing transfer beads, not only can transfer, but also help in vivo toxins.

Jade transfer beads:

Exquisite and healthy jade sputum, moisturizing lungs, clear and ears, often wearing coordinated balance that helps each organ function of the human body.


Gold inlaid jade transfer beads:

Gold inlaid japs ​​”Golden Yumi”, which is a perfect combination of honor and extraordinary and extraordinary.

Crystal transfer beads:


Many crystals have the effect of purifying the magnetic field, and the crystal crystal clear, style is very good, very popular with young people. Wear crystal transfer beads, not only transport, but also look, and both practical and ornamental.

Honopolitage beads:

Can be careful, comfortable, wake up, towns, Tongkong, wear sandalwood transshipment beads can protect the evil, the demon is not in.


Second, there is any meaning of different numbers of transshipment beads?

The number of transshipment beads is also very particular:

A bead represents “one sapping”

Two beads represent “good things”

Three beads represent “Sanyang Kai Thai”

Four beads represent “four seasons peace”


Five beads represent “Wufu Sharing”

Six beads represent “official transportation Hengtong”

Seven beads represent “Hai Yamo”

Eight beads represent “financial resources”

Nine beads represent “Senior long and long”

Ten beads represent “Ten Fine Ten Beauty”

Transferring the beads, no matter a few, there is a good meaning, just need to buy it according to your own preferences and needs, when you purchase it.

Third, how to transfer the shot


Transferring the beads, although there is no problem, how to wear it! Dearing is wrong, not only can not be transferred, the injury is not necessarily!


Follow the principle of “left-up right out”

Left: Wear it in the left hand

Transporting beads in the left hand, is conducive to the patron of lucky goddess. Generally wants to ship the official transportation, the financial resources are wide, the love is full, and the family is happy, these are around.


Right out: Wear in the right hand

If this time, it has been encountered some bad things. If you want to go to the mildew, wear the transfer bead on the wrist of the right hand, which is conducive to the turbidity and bad luck in the body.


Wearing in “high” place

This high place refers to the relatively high places in the body, that is, don’t worry on your feet. No matter what the transfer beads of the material can’t be worn on the feet, because the feet are under, the hand is on the feet, it means to step on the feet, how can this go to transfer?


Fourth, the principle of wearing transfer beads in this year

1. If the life of this year is to wear transfer beads, the red rope is preferably given by the elders. Because this year is easy to encounter some bump or unfavorable, the elders give to the effect of suppressing bad luck. If you coincide with your life, wear an emerald transferring beads, all things are all right, avoid evil to disaster.

In addition, once the people in this year, once we all wear these jewelry, it is best not to take it down, and then re-removed the new year, it is conducive to the blessing of the whole year.

5. What should I pay attention to in the maintenance of transshipment beads?

1, not excessive washing

Although the price is not expensive, do not wear when swimming or steaming, so it is easy to damage the shot, saying that it will also affect the fortune.

2, don’t touch high temperatures

Because most of the transportation beads in the market are gold, encounter high temperatures, easy to deform, some transfer beads are jade, high temperature will make the aura of full jade beads lose their original gloss, which will destroy the original beauty.

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