Recommended reason: high quality wear-resistant PU skin, the nepheli velvet thickened, soft and comfortable, wind, send your boyfriend to Dad, the color value and the style of color ~

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Panasonic Middle-aged cashmere shirt men’s round sweater thick men’s wool shirt men’s winter dad loaded large size

Recommended reason: [Flower Bono] It is implicated to a messenger shape, tight warm, texture smooth and durable, high-grade quality, focus detail.

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霸 Middle-aged men’s sweater T-shirt middle-aged men’s dad 40-50 years old tie knitwear thickening warm


Recommended reason: comfortable and breathable, exquisite workmanship, simple and generous, handsome fashion, not deformation, no line, no line, lasting, comfortable and unconscious.


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Spring and Autumn Winter Men’s Middle-aged Mao Le Leather Jacket Leather Machine Plus velvet thickened middle-aged father PU PU leather clothing

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