In life, we often encounter FRP shadows because FRP is an environmentally friendly composite material, with good corrosion resistance, good insulation, etc., is widely used in crafts production, steel manufacturing machine parts and cars , Ship shell, highway construction, etc., gradually replaced carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, non-ferrous metals, etc. Generally, FRP does not use long-term use, universal polyester glass steel is significantly lower than above 50 ° C, and universal epoxy glass steel is more than 60 ° C, and the strength will be significantly reduced.

FRP is particularly useful in brine, and the strength of FRP is obviously weak due to the permeation of brine and the swelling of FRP, and it will eventually result in damage. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent corrosion of FRP products. It can increase the life of FRP products, prevent premature corrosion of FRP products, and FRP has excellent heavy corrosion resistance, high acid, alkali, salt, and chemistry. Solvent, oil corrosion, etc., has good adhesion, strong wear resistance, impact resistance, good overall, no crack, have a certain elasticity, can improve the strength of the matrix and elasticity, dust, easy cleaning ,long lasting. So, what paint chooses to make FRP to prevent anti-corrosion effect?

According to years of experimental research, general support:

Epoxy primer + acrylic polyurethane paint (two-component)

Outdoor glass steel gazebo, security booth, public security land, Langfang, bus waiting for supporting system recommended

Epoxy primer + fluorocarbon face paint


FRP machinery, speedboat and other supporting system recommendation

Epoxy primer + acrylic polyurethane paint

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