When you travel, are you still using the hotel’s hot kettle? I have exploded a lot of news that take hot kettle boiled panties, the hotel hot water pot is really hard to say, it is better to bring a portable water cup! You can use it anytime, anywhere, drink a cup of hot water, clean and hygiene!

How to choose the water cup? Today, I will come to everyone to evaluate, evaluate 4 nets of red water cups, see which fire cup is more worth it!

1, appearance

Daewoo: relatively large, capacity 450ml, as a portable water cup, it is a bit big, the girl can’t get it in hand, and it is difficult to install in the bag!

Dongling: The cup is thin, more like a thermal cup, and it is convenient to hold.

Frague: Comparity, color value is also good

Mori: The cup is thick, the cup is easy to leak, the value is general

2, adjustment operation

Daewoo: Two-button control temperature (40 ° C-95 ° C (± 5 ° C) / 100 ° C)


Dongling: One-button selection temperature (45 ° C / 55 ° C / 100 ° C)


Frague: One-button selection temperature (55 ° C / 80 ° C / 100 ° C)

Mori: One-button selection temperature (40 ° C / 55 ° C / 80 ° C / 100 ° C)

Relatively, a one-button start is convenient, and the temperature of Dongling and Mori fly is clearer.

3, boast time (100 ° C as an example)

Daewoo: about 5 minutes 40 seconds

Dongling: about 5 minutes and 18 seconds

Frague: about 7 minutes, 9 seconds

Flight: about 6 minutes and 30 seconds

Dongling burned faster, saving time, while the French is the longest, and when boiling water, you need to press the exhaust valve, and there is a small amount of water and vapor, not safe enough!

4, cup insulation (5 hours at 100 ° C)

Daewoo: 39.8 ° C

Dongling: 53.6 ° C

Frague: 56.3 ° C


Flight: 48.1 ° C

Daewoo and Motor Feed are poor, Dongling and French are inspected.

5, cup sealing

Daewoo: Covering does not leak water, but the cup cover is easy to misplace, and it is easy to leak.

Dongling: Covering does not leak water, the sealing is very good

Frague: Covering does not leak water, but the exhaust valve forgets, will leak

Mumfe: Turn off the water, the seal is also good!


6, pour water

Dongling, French, Daewoo poured the water, and Daewoo has a hidden handle, but the handle is soft, it is not good to manipulate, and it is a little tasty.

The cover of the Dongling burned the cup can also be used as a glass, this design is very intimate.

7, internal material

Daewoo: 316 stainless steel liner

Dongling: 304 stainless steel liner

Frague: 304 stainless steel liner

Mamfe: 304 + 316 stainless steel liner

304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel can be used on tableware, relatively 316 heat resistance is better, but 304 is actually enough.

8, weight

Daewoo: 590g


Dongling: 425g

Frague: 391g


Mamfe: 516G

The above I did the net weight of the cup, without power, Daewoo and Mori Water Cup slightly more, and the outside will increase the weight of the luggage, and Dongling and French Bake Water Cup will be light, it is usually installed in the bag, nor will it Aggressive burden.


9, price

Daewoo: 299

Dongling: 299

Frague: 359

Mumfe: 279

The Frague has a higher price, and the other three prices are almost.

Comprehensive comparison, personal thinking that Dongling burning cup is more suitable for starting, 300ml size, boiled water is fast, the white cup body value is also high, so it is practical, so this Dongling’s burning cup has become a new pet!

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