The spring blossoms, take off the thick winter clothes, replaced a new spring dress, open with spring dating. When the warm and cold, the comfortable and soft knit shirt is still one of the main troops in the spring dress. You can see the handsome men who are wearing a knit sweater everywhere, but there is a t-shirt, shirt or Thin outer jacket is stacked. Today, we will see which sweaters are worth buying in this spring day.

01 / Knitware

Blue cloud knit cardigan

Knitting cardigans are undoubtedly a unique clear flow in the spring dress, with T-shirts to wear a vigorous, with shirts and leisure, and printed knit cardigans have a small fresh charm.


02 / Sweater

Surround round neck sweater


The solid color knit sweater has always been a single item that is popular with fashion world, simple and simple, no matter whether it is single, a shirt, or a thin coat, it is just a good style, it is really a style.


03 / Letter sweater



Letters sweaters can be said to be a more common and wild, a knitted sweater single product, alphabetic design, while more than a pure color sweater is more bright, so that the whole sweater has a lot of color. When you match the solid color jacket, you will make the overall match more angry.

04 / printed sweater

Bear cartoon printing knit sweater

Cartoon printed sweater feels very suitable for spring, the cartoon cartoon pattern makes the whole sweater more beautiful, especially suitable for the style of the college style. Regardless of single wear, with shirts or jackets, you can improve your return rate.

05 / jacquard sweater

Panda jacquard sweater


A large-scale jacquard sweater, it will not look naive, but it is full of childlike and youth, especially suitable for the party’s party, giving people a feeling. Of course, this is not to say that people who don’t have the age cannot wear, but only pay attention to wearing in a suitable occasion.


06 / Schnauer sweater

Schnauer knit sweater

Compared to wool, cashmere, etc.

In this issue of knit sweaters, you will continue to share another main force in the spring dress next time.

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