“With Tiger MENG” Jinba

Men’s X-trend artist 歪 联 联 名 capsule series officially released

艺术展中演绎虎年穿搭 劲霸男装文化性诠释中国茄克

Tradition gives contemporary aesthetics inheritance and cleverness, the value of Chinese Lunar Year, the new year, the new year is used as an important ceremony of the new spring, the Jinba men’s clothing returns to the source, extracts China’s Zodiac traditional culture and the traditional humanistic life of China Zodiac ” The shape element creates a series of clothing of the Year of the Tiger, and the new Year of the Tiger is wearing.

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On November 24th, “With the Tiger MENG” Jinba men’s X-trend artist 歪 歪 联 联 胶 胶 系 正 正 正 正 在 在 发 正 正 美 美 正 美 美 正 正 正 美 美 美 系 正 正 正 美 美 美 美 美 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 美 正 正 美 美 正This conference broke through the traditional stylized clothing issued form, and the choice was selected in the Dangnan Red Brick Ancient Building. In the case of “life hand: our 2020-2021” art exhibition in the boxed art galler, take an art. The way of dialogue in the salon is released, and the immersive aesthetic experience is created. Hongba Men’s Creative Director, Hong Buming and trend artist smashed in the southern part of Minnan African, and thought about the traditional and contemporary humanities and aesthetics, sharing the Tiger Year Capsule Fair series creation concept, multi-dimensional full-scale presence series.

The year of the year is a series of creative upgrades, and artistic is new.

With the traditional situation of China’s traditional Xiangjia spirit and the domestic product design, it takes a young vision and fashion product design. The Jinba men’s clothing will reissuiss Chinese traditional zodiac culture and integrate into the brand container. “Zhù make a fortune” “Shu to the treasure” “Bowder”, “Tiger”, balanced the 12th generation of Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion, this year has been released to the fourth year.

The Year of the Tiger Capsule is created by the Jianba Men’s CEO and the Creative Director of the Creative Director. It is further rich in the breadth and cultural contravement of artistic creation. From China’s 12th Zodiac, it is self-branded. The drip water with the symbolic meaning of Swherk’s traditional folk customs draws inspiration, and designs around the tiger drops of the core image. The tiger of the king of the beast, met the lucky guard, gathered the drip water, in the atmosphere of the new year, and collided with modern young fashion, but also the shape of the artistic rhyme.

艺术展中演绎虎年穿搭 劲霸男装文化性诠释中国茄克

“With the Tiger MenG Bacardi Life”, the Triba Men’s Year of the Tiger Year Capsule series theme concept. Expression method introduces the harmonious conversation, the brand name, the meng word is concreders, the Men’s men’s three new spring blessings – “Meng” “Miley” and “Alliance”, theme flower pattern “Meng Meng Tiger” “Yong Tiger” and “Alliance” “” MENG Tiger Family “together.

艺术展中演绎虎年穿搭 劲霸男装文化性诠释中国茄克

Give a aesthetic dialogue of a history and trend

Drip water is one of the symbols of Minnan culture, is an important drainage component in the building. It brought back to Minnan. The climate in Minnan is more rainy, and the water flows from the mouth of the drip water, and the fine water is long, becoming a local artistic landscape.

The contemporary trend artist graduated from the Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, and then in New York, his work style combines trend art and traditional art, which is good at creating through digitization, reducing the difficulty of transformation of different media. The multi-diversity structure gives him a sense of imagination and space. When he creates a zodiac series, it is intentionally interested in the sharp and fun of the drip animal tiger, using the bright color commonly used in the trend art, more echo The seasonal characteristics of the Spring Festival festive and peaceful.

After he portrayed the created dripper, broke the fierce image of the tiger in traditional art works, increasing a “aura”, like a naughty child, as well as a happy play, and conveyed while gathered The vitality and humor of the youth and young enterprises, weightlifting, lively, lively face challenges. The era will not stop, and the cultural spirit will not change.

The craftsmanship design process breakthrough stylized new year

When the image of the dripper beast is converted into the clothing pattern, the design team gives the product’s fashion, the design, etc. –Gao, humble, love to win.

The Year of the Tiger Year of the Tiger, which consists of 28 products, includes a variety of clothing products such as jackets, sweaters, sweaters and shirts, and the high-end craftsmanship in the water blue, coral powder and the bronze gold and other fresh colors. The drip water is used as the inspiration protagonist of this series, through the diversified design technique, through the full range, using heavy work embroidery and three-dimensional jacquard aggressive presence: carved tradition, based on the future.

Enrich China’s Eggk Narrative Language

160,000 needles, 6 hours hand-embroidered, heavy work embroidery

The front chest and the back have an embroidery and hand-beading process. The entire drip of the rear back is a 160,000 needle, and each embroidered film is consumed. It takes 6 hours of hand craftsmanship’s embroidery pattern. After special processes, the silhouette is hard, but the touch is soft, let The whole piece of Eggs has passed.

艺术展中演绎虎年穿搭 劲霸男装文化性诠释中国茄克

Low-key cool nightlight

Using the luminous fabric, the egg can absorb daylight during the day, release the light at night, and the shining drip the beast tiger is very eye-catching, and the scientific skills are uniform. The smart coral powder and the water blue make the nightlights always full of artistic sense in their daily scenes, the focus of the crowd.

艺术展中演绎虎年穿搭 劲霸男装文化性诠释中国茄克

Drops and beast embroidered theme

Breakthrough with the use of bronze gold, highlight the men’s mature and elegant temperament, back tiled embroidery drops the beasts, the spirit and no fierce, the details contain strength, combined with the new baseball collar, slightly shoulder, combined with the new baseball collar.

艺术展中演绎虎年穿搭 劲霸男装文化性诠释中国茄克

Art deconstruction multi-sweater fashion

Full body printing lucky drops

艺术展中演绎虎年穿搭 劲霸男装文化性诠释中国茄克

Painting colors from art paintings, vividly presents drops of beast tiger spit, New Year’s heart and hidden between knit texture. Using 100% high-end long velvet cotton, absolute moisture absorption is extremely good, passing through the smooth process, soft hand, elastic; plus strong twisting process, texture, not easy to deform after washing.

艺术展中演绎虎年穿搭 劲霸男装文化性诠释中国茄克

Big pattern jacquard coarse sweater

Flexible uses a coarse knitwear, using a very high pattern jacquard and left and right asymmetric design, the unsmailing, and the left and right, and the traditional festival is still full of fashion.

Black and white colored jacquard sweater

The design of the colorful black and white big jacquard, highlights the user’s personalization and young temperament, using 100% high-end long velvet cotton texture fabric, with silk, soft and has fun, to the dress gives infinity match.

Broaden New Year’s Employment Selection

艺术展中演绎虎年穿搭 劲霸男装文化性诠释中国茄克

Red rhyme print shirt

Patch printing on skin-breathable fabrics, red as the main tone of print pattern, with new year atmosphere. Especially in imported dyes, the color fastness is extremely high, and it is not easy to fade, and it continues the life of the life and the scene.

Heavy work embroidery hooded sweater

The chest pattern and the embroidery process are essence, and this heavy embroidery process sweater shows the drip water and the drops of the beast, the art is full. Leisure free sweater categories, which are all satisfied with personalized expression, dark flower design, but also scored, age is moderate.

Fantwool T-shirt

Apply a colorful drops of the beast to the beast to add fun to the comfortable and elastic beautiful beautiful wool.

Tiger claws

Combining mild destruction techniques, compared to conventional tannins, more accurately presented with tiger claw scratches. The drip water and beast spit pattern is designed under the pants bag, and the cultural cultivation of the same humble dare to fight.

歪 表示: “Jinba men’s Year of the Tiger Year Capsule series is not only the copy paste of the pattern and logo, each dress is carefully carved a full-time new year Xiangjia and folk culture, revealing we humble. This is drip water The spirit of the beast is the significance of Jacah men’s injection into the brand’s spirit. The influence of cultural art will slowly accumulate transmission, and it is the most important and precious value of the brand for art cooperation. “

Continue to write high-end new domestic goods to pay tribute to cultural spirit

41 people, the creation of the creative, the creation of the jacket, and the Jacah is defined “China Eggs”. The brand has deepened link consumers from two major dimensions of quality style and cultural spirit, showing high-end new domestic goods cultural confidence and brand strength. Jinba men’s new generation core users grow in the context of trend culture, and the brand is similar to the user’s preceding pace. This Tiger Year Coat Capsule series is the adheres to brand value, pay tribute to the core user era, but also the deep inheritance and innovation of traditional culture.

Jinba Men’s Year of the Tiger Year Capsule series special choice in the box Art Museum “Life Berders | Our 2020-2021” exhibition, art and fashion in the art galler, echoing and achievement, constantly cultural art power Nourishing brand development. The box of art galleries is established by Hong Biming in 2020 and is committed to providing artistic works on the artwork for contemporary artists at home and abroad. “Life Berders | Our 2020-2021” shows some of the young artist works in Hong Biming to help Chinese local contemporary art growth, explore the likelihood of cross-domain cooperation. On the other hand, the exhibition “Life Handbook” is named after he personal creation. In these works, he recorded the sentiment, reflection, growth and persistence of the Giba Men’s CEO and Creative Director in the management team. This exhibition gives his creation and thinking to a new rendering method. As Hug Buming said: “I hope to have a one-day ‘art is life, work, it is breathing’ to become more people’s consensus and homes.”

Self-promoter men’s clothing on September 12, the Great Wall of the Chinese Nationality, released a new company strategy – high-end new domestic goods. After a few months, returning to the hometown of the Hi River to publish the Tiger Year Cozy Capsule series, which is the specific contumption of the high-end new domestic goods strategy of Jinba men, but also the traditional Spring Festival is about to come, praying for the home country, Fufu, concentric Total.

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