Prince Harry held a 7-month-old Ai Chem in Canada, the Boden coat of Australi, and the UGG shoes sent by the Australian Governor. (Figure / Turn SUSSEXROYAL IG)

哈利王子晒7个月萌儿 肉脚套一年多前收到的小毛靴

Chen Yun / Comprehensive Report

Prince Henry, Prince Henry, MEGHAN MARKLE, is desperately criticized, and chooses to spend Christmas and cross-year in Canada. They are welcome to release videos in the official IG in 2020, and release the Prince Harry. Holding a new photo of ARCHIE, wearing a British brand Boden coat and UGG woolen boots, appetite.

哈利王子晒7个月萌儿 肉脚套一年多前收到的小毛靴

Harry prince (left) and Megan (right) announced in October 2018 to visit Australia, the Australian Governor Peter Cosgrove (Right 2) Send a kangaroo doll with UGG children’s shoes. (Figure / Associated Press)

The royal family immediately found that the Ugg wool boots on the foot of Asia, the prince of Harry, the prince of Harry announced in October 2018, I opened Australia, and the Australian Governor Peter Cosgrove sent the kangaroo doll with a pair of UGG baby shoes as a gift, this After a lot of gifts have been more than a year, Ah is finally arrived at this feet.

The Boden Polar Bear Pattern Sweater I have passed through. (Figure / Turnover Boden official website)

Chem also wears a cute ball knit hat and wearing a brown jacket of Boden about 1600 yuan. This is the second time of Aiji wearing this brand. He is in Christmas, wearing a Polar bear pattern sweater Show the Harry prince couple support for the British brand.

哈利王子晒7个月萌儿 肉脚套一年多前收到的小毛靴

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