The items in the autumn and winter season can use stacking to achieve a variety of laminated matching, bringing some new clothes.

Simple style and exquisite cutting costumes are more likely to wear textures, such as this

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Jacket jacket combined with black jeans.

Put its color on the trousers and sweaters, then combined with the dirt yellow coat. The whole shape is fashionable, but it doesn’t look dull or single.

This is

The match of “small coat + jeans”.

If the hue of the trousers is slightly beautiful, then light or dark adjustments need to be used in a simple and tangible clothing style.

Black jacket jacket will show very thin, elegant.

It uses a little base, fashion and foreign. Under the top, use the classic badge or leisure element as the bottom, with a white sweater, the whole warm system is wearing a significant contribution, and it feels a bit inappropriate when wearing a watch.


Ink green Korean style jacket jacket has fashion and handsome feelings, with smooth jeans has become a perfect combination of cute and work-in-style style.

Putting on fashionable gray jeans can create a high level, because there is no designed design and soft feeling, with trousers that are very suitable for boys 20 to 40.

If the dark gray jacket is Oversize designed, it gives people a very fashionable feeling.

These different jackets have different temperament and style.

Wearing wild and temperament, with white sweater and black jeans, full of men’s taste, generous show the leg, and then with a pair of skate shoes or sneakers to effectively extend the line, will be more straightforward and delicate, simmering .

The jacket is a very wild fashion item and has a unique seniority.

In fact, the key to the leather jacket we want to wear is the color selection and match.


Whether it is light or dark clothes, you can wear different styles and charm, especially when you are with jeans or workfalls.

The jacket sleeve uses an irregular hem zipper, which seems to be more fashionable and unique, and the handsome feeling makes the whole shape sweet and cool, very special, have you learned?

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The costume may not see the results in a short time, but please don’t be discouraged, depressed, you may not grow, but in the root, I finally met, my name is a pig, I look forward to your attention “Digital Yunxiao”, Bye-Bye.


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