The garment products produced and sold were unqualified by the market regulatory authorities. Recently, GAP affiliates (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd., due to production and sales of unqualified products, and fined 39.6649.91 million yuan by the Shanghai Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau.

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Men’s down jacket and boy jeans

Detected as unqualified products

According to the administrative penalty decision, the Shanghai Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau received the transfer clues from the Guangzhou Market Supervision Administration. In the product sampling of the Guangzhou Market Supervision Bureau, Gap’s men’s down jacket and boy jeans were detected as unqualified products. .

The administrative penalty decision shows that Feng Yu (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. entrusted a 968-piece number 656248 for sale in October 2020. On January 4, 202, the product was determined in the quarter product quality supervision in the first quarter of the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, and the company has no objection to this inspection conclusion. It is understood that the retail price of this product is RMB 899 yuan / piece, and the case is sold to 967 pieces (including 1 sample), and there are 1 stock. Gaixiu (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. sales amount total RMB 374594.38 (tax included). During the sales period of Gaixiu (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd., 13% of VAT and 12% VAT addition, sales of this men’s down jacket illegal income is RMB 50295.79. The product value of RMB 375493.38 yuan.

In addition, December 28, 2019, Gaixiu (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. imports 200 models of boy jeans with 499499 for sale. On May 26th, 2021, in the quarter product quality supervision in the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the product was determined to be unqualified products, returned, and the conclusion was unqualified. It is reported that the retail price of the product is RMB 229 yuan / piece, and the total sales of 196 cases, and the remaining 4 have been used for destructive quality testing. The company’s sales amount totals RMB 20240.53 (tax included), and the sales period pays 13% value-added tax and 12% of VAT addition, and the illegal income of the boy jeans is RMB 5408.46. The product value is RMB 21156.53.

Shanghai Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau believes that the company’s men’s downcomer is determined to be unqualified products, violating the provisions of Article 32 of the Quality Law of the People’s Republic of China: “Producer production products, not gain Miscellaneous, adulteable, may not be fake, and may be charged with unqualified products, “constitutes the behavior of unqualified products. At the same time, the boy jeans sold by the company did not comply with GB 31701-2015 “Infant and Children’s Textile Product Safety Technical Specifications” Requirements, violating the “People’s Republic of China Product Quality Law” Article 13 The provisions of the two “industrial products that prohibit production, sales do not meet the standards and requirements of human health and personal health and personal safety, property safety, constitutes the behavior of products that do not meet human health standards, so confiscation of illegal income 5.570425 Ten thousand yuan, fined 39.6649991 million decisions.

Southern reporters try to contact Gay (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. through the official announcement channels, and the phone cannot be connected.


GAP has been punished due to quality problems

The GAP official website shows that it is a US fashion brand founded in 1969, landing in China in 2010. The products have men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and costumes for teen, infants and young children.

GAP official website

The national corporate credit information publicity system shows that there are seven administrative penalties records, and six administrative penalties are the quality of their products, including producers, sellers, doping, adulte In the fake, it is charged with the fake, or the unqualified product is pretended to be qualified.

Am 50, this year, the Tianjin Leyuan Branch of Head (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. was fined 3,000 yuan by the Tianjin Hexi District Market Supervision Administration by the Department of Tianjin, which was suspected of selling unqualified products; in April this year, its product men’s shirt and baby The child jeans were detected by the tag and the durability label label. It was fined for more than 60,000 yuan; January this year, the company’s distribution girl denim skirt was detected by the moisture friction fastness project failed, fined More than 70,000 yuan.

In addition, in September last year, its distribution men’s sports shoes were detected unqualified outsole wear-resistant performance projects and was fined for more than 210,000 yuan. At the same time, Southern Reporter found that the company has two product recall information. The recall product is some children’s cotton clothing and some imported infant T-shirts. The reasons for the recall are the end of the product waist drawstring, and the chest Diish diisole content of printed oysteric acid exceeds the standard.

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Written: trainee reporter Feng Jiayi

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