Whether it is fine plan, or let go, every time it is unique and eternal.

On the road, in addition to dreams and actions, I have to keep up with the whole world.


Torp, I need a distance that can be unlimited worldwide, it is best not to spend money.


Fortunately, I found a micro.

It is a free global intercom platform, including two parts of free software and intelligent hardware, and all micro-users can communicate with each other.



Self-driving tour is still laborious to choose walkie-talkie


One mobile phone is fully customized!


The microlaxation app is a real-time intercom application, breaking through the distance limit of traditional walkie-talkie, can achieve the world’s unlimited distance, the micro-APP can make mobile phone seconds after the smartphone is installed, mobile phone, mobile phone black screen lock screen You can directly play voice, powerful, support send text, pictures, video, etc.

Using a microlax, not only can you sing a friend, but also freely set up anytime, anywhere, you can built or join the public channel of others, and meet more friends with the same interest and common topics, is self-driving Tour, Mobby, ride, outdoor, hiking, taxi, logistics team, team communication, family and friends chatting.

Support mobile phone: Apple, Android


Talking distance: world

Cost: free of life

Main features: Global real-time intercom, mobile phone seconds to talk

Support for communication: single, group call, group call

Maximum number of people: 500 people


Support message type: real-time voice, text, expressions, pictures, videos, files, etc.


Message save and playback: support

Full Channel Receive: Support, select Settings, do not miss any channel or group speech

TOSE: You can speaking more people, anyone has the right to grasp, voice order play

Second, what should I do if I don’t want to move my mobile phone?

The mobile phone secondary walkie-talkie is good, but when driving, take the mobile phone is not convenient, do not say very unsafe, even the car skills are superior, driving mobile phones are also afraid of traffic police and camera, so the self-driving tour is best to pick One can be used when driving. This is to rely on the microeseeer of the micro.

In addition to the free app, the micro lathe also has a variety of intelligent intercommarks that achieve more convenient global communication. These devices have a special PTT (Push-to-Talk) button, high-power external trumpet, high-furnished microphone, etc. to meet a variety of customer needs of the large voice or private intercom. The micro-labeling hardware is rich, such as Bluetooth intercom equipment, such as Bluetooth walkie-talkie, Bluetooth intercom buttons, Bluetooth intercom earphones, etc. If you feel convenient, you can talk, you can’t drive your mobile phone at all, the driver is very convenient. The disadvantage is to need to use the mobile phone Bluetooth, so the mobile phone has to drop the car, and it cannot be too far away. In addition to the Bluetooth equipment, there are many independent devices that do not need to connect to the mobile phone, such as the intercom with all Netcom, mobile phone walkie-talkie, etc., these devices can engage in a mobile phone or directly connect WiFi, without any service charges and annual fees, And the volume is very large, if you take a total command when you travel, you can use this kind of this, it is right, very good. Here’s a few micro-tobecus hardware product maps are given to you.

1, micro-Bluetooth intercom button BB1 / BB2:

With these two Bluetooth intercom buttons, whether it is a private car, or a bus and motorcycle, it seems that it is like a tiger to add Wing, press it to speak, it is very convenient!


2, micro-Bluetooth walkie-talkie:


3, micro-Rattong walkie-talkie:

4, micro-Bluetooth intercom earphones

5, micro 喇 mini Bluetooth collar

Summary: In addition to the free microlat-talking app, the micro latte also has a lot of walkie-talkie hardware to choose from, can completely liberate your double-eyed hands, meet the intercom needs of different scenes and user people. And all micro-lying software and hardware users can be intercom. For the self-driving tour group, it is highly recommended to use the micro-Bluetooth button + mobile phone + Bluetooth headset / Bluetooth speaker, and the cost performance is high. Upper, safe and convenient. For non-drivers in the trip, if you are convenient for your handhelione, you will recommend the independent device of the Netcom walkie-talkie. If you don’t need to connect your mobile phone, you don’t need to do any settings, you can use it directly. It is very suitable for people with walkie-talkie complexes, uses the same feeling as traditional walkie-talkie.

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