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After leaving Li Jiaqi for a year, Yu Ze was so hot.

On October 13, Jade officially released a statement, indicating that there is a large number of platform accounts that have a large number of sources, “Yu Ze and Li Jiaqi team stopped cooperation is our forget”, and attacking Yushu brand and partners. In the face of these attacks, Yu Ze “is very helpless”.

However, netizens did not buy, because Yu Ze was brought red by Li Jiaqi, turned into Viria’s embrace, quite “forgetfulness”. In the live broadcast of Weia, he is full of “refusal”, “head”, “Yuze a life black”, etc.

In addition to “Forget Negatives”, netizens also have doubts about Yusu itself, and after transferring the printed price, Yuze promotion is cheaper than Li Jiaqi. Taking the snow grass relief repair mask as an example, the price of the product is 282 yuan / 2 boxes in Li Jiaqi, and the price of the Villa live in Vaia live in the evening of the 12th is 380 yuan / 8 boxes.

One side is 141 yuan / box, one side is 47.5 yuan / box, the difference is 3 times, is the material is deteriorated? In addition, the explosive product of Yuze’s explosive product, the propaganda word of the snow, the promotion of the mask, seems to have changed by the previous “lyophilized mask” in order to “dry mask”, this also caused many netizens questioning.

From the brand to the price to the quality, facing the serious question of netizens, leaving Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room, lost in the live broadcast.


Soading in the live room

Before I met Li Jiaqi, Yu Ze was still a low-key national domestic product, sitting in the dermatology department.

In 2003, Shanghai’s family chemistry and the Skin Division of Ruijin Hospital were cooperatives for the treatment and prevention recurrence of skin barrier damaged disease, psoriasis, special dermatitis (eczema). 6 years later, after 1386 cases of clinical testing, Yushu was listed in the first product – Yuze skin barrier repair body milk. Compared with 2008, the picnic goods in the middle of the goods are not late.


With the recommendation and endorsement of the doctor, Yu Ze got a good reputation. According to reason, as long as the fire is added to the marketing promotion, further build the brand influence, Yushu is very hoped to become the next “national brand”.

Unfortunately, in a long period of time, Shanghai’s family chemical will focus on the high-end brand Herborist, which is basically stagnant. Until the 2017 medium-term earnings, Shanghai’s home chemical was first mentioned in the earnings report. At this time, Yushu has fallen behind Wildina, regardless of the online hospital channels or in the layout of e-commerce channels.

In 2019, it was called “Live Belid First Year”, Yushu and Li Jiaqi cooperated to be in this year. Li Jiaqi repeatedly called “in the manda mask” in the live broadcast, and in a somewhere, Yu Ze was covered with fire, and even a flying sky to describe.

According to the estimation of Guoxin Securities, Yuze is over 100 in 2019. In 2020, Yussen further increased live broadcast. In the National Sheng Securities Research Institute, January to June 2020, Yushu and Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast up to 28 games, live daily GMV account for about 70% of the total GMV of the brand. During the first quarter of 2020, Yu Ze once jumped to the third place in Tmall skin care head shop, Jade Snow grass relief repair mask also won the first good grade of the February Tmall beauty skin care industry.

“Li Jiaqi” effect inventory

However, the good session is not long, and the win-win situation has not last long, hundreds of thousands of pitting fees and high proportion of commissions, severely pressed the Yushu’s profit margin.

It is understood that Wei Ya’s MCN institutions have reached 35% of the commission of China, while the international brand is only 15%. This shows that the brand influence of domestic goods is not as good as overseas brands, and the aesthetic anchor is too dependent on the head.

In the middle of the 2020, Yu Ze tried to get rid of the effect of “Li Jiaqi” and began the “Weaned” plan.

On September 7, 2020, Yu Ze officially contracted the team of Li Jiaqi. Li Jiaqi responded in the live broadcast, indicating that long-term or short-term cooperation is a commercial choice. At present, the two companies have their own considerations, and it is also normal for the time being. Jade officials have started self-generation, and the preferential is more than before.

This also enlisted the non-discusses of netizens, and Yu Ze was guessing as “forget the negative”. In addition, the late Yurus tested on Vish this line, enough netizen to add a “love and hate” in the two.


“Weaned” can be successfully understood, “The Reverse Reaction” is very strong, and the long-term maintenance of the three-digit growth of sales, 16% of the decline in the first quarter of 2021. Yussen’s total sales in the first three quarters of this year were 653.7 billion, and the most powerful opponent Weona was nearly 1.4 billion in the first half of the year.

Yussen, has been taken out of several streets.

The road to the growth of domestic products

Hua Sizi and Yuze’s experience is very similar, all in Li Jiaqi live in the live room, suffering from “anchor dependence”.

After Li Jiaqi, Li Jiaqi and Hua Sizi deeply collaborate, Hua Sizi litered, 2020 618 Hua Sizi closed the Tmall GMV first. According to the box rice and financial report, in 2018, in 2019, Huai Tian and Li Jiaqi reached a consensus: Li Jiaqi participated in the quasi products, and the new division pattern. In other words, Li Jiaqi sells every flower to Zizi product, the profits belong to him.


In 2020, the flow of more than 30% of Hua West is based on Li Jiaqi. In the key cycle such as double eleven, GMV contributed by Li Jiaqi lived in the total GMV60% of Hua Sizi.

Similar to Yusu, Hua Si was also absent from Li Jiaqi’s traffic and embarked on Li Jiaqi’s “Working”.

Therefore, Huishi tried to reduce Li Jiaqi’s traffic weight in the form of “shop self-developed”. March 2020, Hua Sizi’s month was broadcast over 50 games.

After unremitting efforts, Hua Sizi still did not quote. Hua Sizi self-broadcasts a month’s effect, and he is not a ten minute of Li Jiaqi live. In this year, “3 • 8 Women’s Day Pre-sale” activity, Li Jiaqi gave the flower West 196.67 million GMV, which is the largest sales source of Huai West.


Look at the same kind of competitive Weina, his parent company Betaili is listed on March 25 this year, and the opening of the opening rose 272%, known as “woman’s Maotai”. Weinana occupied 99% of Betail revenue and received highly.

Since its establishment in 2013, Weonan has been focusing on sensitive muscle research, starting from 2018, I have won the Tmall Beauty Care Award for three consecutive years.

As a manufacturer brand, Weona also has a hospital’s back book, which is also a brand that the doctor will recommend it to the patient. Hospitals and pharmacies are the foundation of Weinerline.

According to the financial report, in the first half of this year, Betaili offline distribution, the sales of sales channels was bright, and the revenue was about 3002 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 92.73%.

However, Wei Na’s e-commerce consciousness woke up earlier, and also clearly saw the importance of fan precipitation of brand livefill.

Whether it is a Broadcasting or a brand self-broadcast, Weona has invested great costs. In order to further transform the faithful fans, it is not kidnapped by the anchor belt, and Weona maintains 2 to 4 dermatologists.

According to the Beti Nie, the sales cost of this year has reached 637 million yuan, an increase of 34.18% year-on-year. Among them, channels and advertising fees account for “big head” of Betaili sales fee, about 471 million yuan, accounting for about 77%.

Beti Nie is reported in 2021

At this point, Yuze’s reputation collapsed, in fact, there is a track.

The road to the growth of domestic products, never stopped to start a visibility. On the contrary, the real national light is required to have a long-term grinding and precipitation, operation and accumulation, and the test of time, it is worthy of the name of China’s light.

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