For the small partners who learn the piano, I have risen in the 18th century, known as the piano of “the father of musical instruments”, not just a noble instrument, but also a kind of art of love. Faced with such a worthwhile instrument, it is very important to make a good care, and in many protection measures, choose a suitable coat – the piano cover is undoubtedly the easiest and comprehensive method, but still have Many small partners don’t know how the piano cover is purchased, don’t worry, we should help you!


Before you officially tell you to buy a small 诀, let’s talk to you, let’s talk about why you must use the piano cover! 1 The piano cover can reduce the number of wipe the piano on the one hand, and the other hand can effectively avoid dust to the piano surface and inside, which acts to dust; 2 Use the piano cover to avoid direct sunlight, ensure the integrity of the piano surface Keep the gloss of the piano; 3 piano masks can prevent moisture from penetrating into the piano in the piano, affecting the piano performance.

Now I know the necessity of using the piano cover, now we start talking in detail, the piano cover should be selected!


1, size

It is the most important thing to buy clothes with us. The user is the most important, and the user of the piano is a piano. When you choose the piano cover, the most important thing is to look at the size of the piano. This needs everyone to buy. Determine the size and model of the piano, so that the most suitable piano cover can be bought.

2, material

The material of the piano cover is also very critical. Generally, try not to choose a plastic material because the gas permeability of the plastic material is very poor, once there is a temperature difference, the air is not circulating, the cover will gather a lot of mist, water vapor, causing the piano A tide. In addition, there is also a piano cover that is easy to furnover, as much as possible, because the fluff is easy to fall into the piano, it is more difficult to clean, and it will also affect the use of the piano. It is recommended that you choose a breathable piano cover, like our Yibei piano mask is made of polyester fibers, the property is high, the breathable is good, easy to clean, and it is not easy to cause static electricity, good protection for the piano effect.

3, appearance

Now this era, who is not a “color control”? This point varies from person to person, everyone can choose according to their preferences, I suggest that everyone chooses to be similar to the home style, so that the color of the living room is coordinated, so it will not be abrupt.


The piano is not sized! The choice of the piano cover is directly related to the service life of the piano, here, I hope that the small partners can purchase the most suitable piano cover.

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