Traveling is an essential activity of modern urban men. In addition to dealing with various things in the business, every holiday must bring girlfriends to the wind, or together with a few buddies together.


Of course, the safety of the shoes is quite important. The soles of the shoes that are suitable for driving must have a shading, which can increase friction, while the bottom of the shoe is soft, it can be easily bent, combined with foot curve, can quickly and timely Reflecting the foot movements, let the driving are unaffected. Now you need a flat casual shoes to protect your driving safety.

In the choice of shoes, whether it is a casual shoe or a foot walk leather shoes, the sole must be a flat design, and there is a good anti-slip function, so we put on the pedal foot and do not slip, in the throttle and brake board. Move will not have obstacles so that the safety of driving can be guaranteed.


In addition to comfort, it is necessary to drive outside, but also handsome. It can also be worn when driving, and it is also very suitable for going to work. It doesn’t have to do it for driving. Let your business, driving two incorrectly. Follow the small border to find the driving shoes that suits you!

——— Lace driving shoes ———–

1, Jude Boer brand anti-velvet shoes, British retro style, natural simplicity, stylish matte anti-velvet, texture is delicate, plus natural dark bumble, no exaggeration, no more modification, but there is minimalism Atmospheric style, first-layer pig leather insole, comfortable and soft, moisture wicking, so that the feet keeps dry, non-slip wear-resistant rubber large bottom, comfortable, flexible, very suitable for summer driving.

¥ 498.00

Summer British anti-velvet men’s shoes low-top leather student shoes Korean version of the trend retro sand sheat belt casual shoes


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2, this daily casual business shoes, British trend type, soft bottomless, non-slip wear, breathable pig skin, sterilization, deodorant, simple wild, people let you wear self-confidence, wear the style.

¥ 698.00

Spring and summer new men’s daily casual shoes Korean version of the trend leather breathable business men’s single shoes with driving shoes

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3, in the summer, you need a pair of breathable driving shoes, British tide style, small round hole hollow upper, breathable, cool and comfortable, chic manual sewing, will comfort, let you look, free comfortable .

¥ 358.00

Men’s daily casual leather shoes men’s sandals breathable shoes British driving men’s shoes strap single shoes tide low shoes

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4, hand-driven shoes have been loved by tasteless men, the rigorous sewing of hand-shouldable wires, ensuring the comfort and beauty of the shoes, super soft head layer leather, skin fine, soft skin, breathable pig leather insoles, sweat Elastic, let you easily, handsome.


¥ 909.00

Zero zero casual shoes layer leather super soft men daily casual shoes hand-drive shoes men’s shoes

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5, this kind of British white shoes suitable for summer, simple generous, soft leather upper, unique hollow breathable punch design, comfortable breathable, summer dress, light rubber sole, let you step more Light.

¥ 599.00


2016 new men’s shoes British small white shoes men’s leather breathable shoes hollow men’s shoes flat casual shoes summer

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——— A pedal driving shoes ———–

1. This business casual round head drivers shoes, the first layer of leather upper, the skin is delicate, the hand is soft, the foot type, the top layer pigs, the sealet, the midfo shoe pad, not only deodorant, sweat and breathable, but also have Shock absorbing, shock absorbing function, wear-resistant rubber large bottom, 180 degrees bending without causing marks, so that you drive more freely. In the front of the shoe, use a strong mark, hand-held craft, no matter whether you drive, or business is more confident.

¥ 480.00

Driving shoes men’s leather round head soft bottom comfortable set of feet beans shoes 2016 spring and summer new business casual shoes

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2, there is a British British style men’s casual driving shoes, comfortable round head version, passed the wax-resistant head layer leather upper, wear-resistant anti-slip composite rubber bottom, comfortable breathable, highlighting men’s noble quality.

¥ 458.00


Alekton spring Korean men’s shoes men’s casual shoes men’s trend round head driving shoe cover feet beans shoes

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3, this horse rack design of the soft skin lazy shoes, soft and breathable massage, so that the driving is more comfortable. Stylish, don’t be soft and followed, so that the shoes can be gentleman leisure shoes, can also be lazy semi-support, one shoe.

¥ 389.00


Summer soft bottom male bean shoes large size men’s shoes casual leather shoes soft skin lazy shoes driving shoes summer breathable shoes

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4, soft bottom lazy peas shoes are also fashionable men like the style, the model luxury retro, there is a rubber sole designed for driving a family, the front foot stops and the brake design, ensuring your driving safety.

¥ 368.00

Soft bottom lazy peas shoes summer leather shoes casual shoes men’s shoes British driving jacket foot breathable shoes 2016 spring


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5. With the French romantic manager, it is in line with the ergonomic design, wearing comfortable non-coating, matte leather upper and the head layer of the skin, fitting foot type, comfortable foot feel. In the wind and sunny days, open your car with you, you will go out, there must be unique face.

¥ 778.00

French CCE soft shoes peas shoes men’s leather spring casual men’s shoes British driving shoe grinding lazy shoes 5131

¥ 778.00 Taobao View details

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