The matching skills of pants have to learn, especially common

Ordinary black pants

The effect of people who will match will seem to have a layer of filters, and handsome and calm. For men who like to wear black pants, fashion advanced matching techniques for black pants are more important.

The fashionable man will be so black pants, and the steady temperament is very charming. Wu Zun is put on the head. When he went out with his wife and a child, the black pants wearing a simple and stable, so the handsome dress made the family are also very face.

I learned the fashionable black pants.

Match with skills


Not only will it improve the handsome temperament, but also make people feel a lot of people with your peers. Men’s black trousers


Recommended with,

How to wear fashionable and steal the mirror, easy to have a star gas field, Wu Zun’s black pants is very simple, too

Don’t pick your body, big

Some men should try it.

Black trousers dressing

▼ black seven pants

Learn to look at the black pants is very simple, understand each different design

Black pants temperament

There is a difficulty, with a common black pants as an example, the black seven pants length is slightly short, revealing the ankle, the gas field is refreshed, there is a certain

Aged action.

The short design makes the black pants will not have a cumbersome effect, and it is comfortable to wear comfortably. So when you match this

“Comfortable” feels good.

▼ Black seven pants matching recommendation

Don’t choose bloated costumes and very tight-fitting clothing with black seven pants, it is very fashionable. Don’t choose too much costume, you can prevent it from matching

Optimistic and short-legged effect.

Many fat clothes are long design, with themselves

Legs long seven pants,

It is easy to press high.

Put on

Unmidious clothing

It is afraid that it is a very comfortable man who is a very good man who makes a very good man who makes a good fit. As long as you choose a simple loose dress, even if you put it on a black, match the seven pants



Just really wearing a black costume, how much is some

Not fashion,


If the body is not high enough, it is difficult to support it. It must be matched with other color clothing, but also highlight the fashion taste, the gas field is clear.


Deep green, dark blue is good

The former is more stable and more handsome, the result is more and more cool. However, it is necessary to choose a small coat, the color is too shallow to lower its own high-level gas field. Turning in warm colors, dark brown is also good

Jacket color selection

However, the red coat is too eye, not suitable for a steady black combination, want to wear

Cool people can wear.

With black trousers are tops and jackets, at least one of the two costumes is short. When wearing a pure black top, black seven pants, remember to wear short

Color jacket

The showing leg is still free, and it is no problem with the long coat of the short section, and there is no problem with long coat.

It’s easy to have a short leg.

Seven pants have the effect of truncation of long legs in the visual, not a pants short, but not

Sign with long legs,

Combined with long clothing of the legs.

▼ Shoe hat mix

The black seven pants and ordinary black pants are different, and the design of shorts is very dynamic. Who is right to match colored sports shoes, let the overall match more

vitality. Do not

The choice of the hat is still to choose a dark, black or green as the coat color, wear brunette

Can be stable,

Match a steady clothing has a transition


Black pants introduction and match

▼ sports shorts

Sport shorts not only men are wearing

Women are also wearing, transporting

Wear too convenient when moving, with black leggings, and light look at the pants is enough. At this time it is matched

Black sneakers, depending on

I feel that the legs are extended, and the natural appearance is longer.


The clothing of the upper body is recommended to choose a sports style.

Sporty coat


Casual T-shirt or polo shirt

All. With colorful style, it is suitable to show a more refreshing visual effect. It is not difficult to look at the sports wind clothing on black, just a little

Point is low.

▼ black trousers

The length of the black pants is different, the gas field is very large, many mature men go out of the trousers design are the length of the ankle, very shameless, and the article is advanced. Not loose style can be better

Show big long legs

Still don’t have a short leg.

Design simple black trousers suitable for high-level business wind clothing, with a suit



It is also very advanced with suede. It is also very good to match sportswear, it is possible to make sports wind clothing

Sustaining design.


▼ sports black pants

Black pants with sports, even





It is also a wild style like other black pants. With the costumes of the sports style, you can maximize the vitality of your trousers themselves, extra one with white sports shoes.

Refreshing is still fashionable.


However, the steady shirt on sports pants is also good, a little gentle warm male temperament, but it is not suitable for a suit, style between style.

Contrast is too highlighted.

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