The 130th China Import and Export Commodity Fair

(Abbreviation: Canton Fair)


In the lively

So the problem is DV Jun

“This year’s Canton Fair

Black technology

Where is it? “


Don’t you introduce us?


This is arranged!

▼▼ ▼

It is said that people are looking for food.


Absolutely our head, etc.

And for Cantonese people, especially

This is not

Our “Food Cat” reporter will take the progress hall

Be in front of you

A “pan” is attracted



What delicious food will there be?

No ~ I want more

According to exhibitors


This is a “small white” tailor-made “little white” that will not cook.


Automatic cooking machine

Use your phone to open the app, choose the dishes you want to eat.

According to the recipe displayed above

Prepare materials

After a brain, it goes back.


I can eat a fragrant meal!

But to say DV Jun


Compared with


The following is full of teenagers

cotton candy machine


More attracting me

Go out every holiday

Always see

Some people hold a lot of fluffy marshmallows

More envious

Since I saw the cotton candy machine today

Then let’s take a look together.

How do you turn sugar into a big group “cloud” ~


Have to say, this year’s products at the Canton Fair

It’s really a fascinating

look at this

Can be folded into a suitcase

Electric vehicle

Up to 20 km speed

Three hours of charging, you can run nearly 40 km

Don’t say, it is quite practical.

It is said that

It has been included in the reporter this year to buy a list


But everyone should remember, can’t charge the building.

In addition to portable electric vehicles

Part of the next door

Motorcycle as long as the car

Same as attracted

Many people’s attention

Key points

It can be played! ! !


There is also a product that makes the reporter “walking”

This is it

360 degree rotated television machine ~

Can vertical screen can be horizontally!

Really love ~

Don’t you know

It is actually

Remote control brush


Size screen to switch at any time

It is reported that this Canton Fair

Line off exhibition area of ​​400,000 square meters

Set up 16 major products


51 exhibition area

Total bits are 19,181, 7795 exhibitors

So, what we just saw is just

tip of the iceberg

Source: Guangdong Public DV Site

cotton candy machine

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