In the arrival of the autumn and winter season, in order to change the “first shot”, many girls are looking for their own fashion goals, and we wear some items have become a key issue. Many girls are pursuing the “beautiful frozen people” with a style, not paying attention to the warm effect of wearing, as long as the style looks very fashionable, even if it is not a short skirt.

This kind of matching method is more acceptable for young women, but for middle-aged women, only pursuing fashion, without pursuing warmth effect, is a style of un practical style. But I chose a high-collar sweater, and the warm effect will be more ideal, and the fashion effect is also very obvious.

What details do you need to pay attention to?




The fashion items in autumn and winter, the fabric is relatively heavy, so the loose version of the version will be more bloated, the high collar sweater is usually loose version, from the overall version of the outline It can be seen probably, which styles are fat and thin.

Some high-spirited sweaters are mainly based on slim style. This sweater is more suitable for girls that have bumps and bumps. If the version is too loose, it is not suitable for girls who are biased, and it is not suitable for fat. Girls have to wear, but choose a little loose style, and more ideal.


2. Color matching avoids old


Many colors are typical highlights, but some colors look high-level, after the match, I feel very good, let the whole person look very good.


In order to make the matching younger and energetic, you can add other colors, such as small-sized high saturation colors, or try bright colors, or try bright colors, through these details It will be more young in the whole style.

3. Match the proportional problem

Many people have a sweater, and the reason is obvious, because the matching ratio has problems, clear the size of the body is very advantageous, but through the mix of sweaters, turn the body into five or five points, no obvious waist line The whole person’s body looks very mediocre, and there is no taste of a woman.

Many middle-aged women like to use long coats, with a long-long high-tee sweater, and the loose match is seemingly relaxed, but the effect of presented is unconventional. This is a lot of middle-aged women, a common misunderstanding. If you choose a short, wear it will appear higher, the body and temperament will become better.

Second. High collar sweater is recommended


Light color cardigan + dark collar sweater

The style design of the high collar sweater, the style looks more daily, but there is a little retro taste, using the light-colored cardigan, to match the high collar sweater of the dark, color look simple, but two colors The feeling of creation will be more advanced, the color is not complicated, and the style presenting is relatively pure.


Loose coat + foundation high collar sweater + blue jeans

The daily matching of autumn and winter, you need to create more advanced, you can make the matching of the same color to make it more casual, such as brown coats, this is a colored sweater with a colored colors, this The color is clean and delicate, and then with a jeans, comfortable and simple, win more good sense for the image.

The sky is getting colder, no matter how old, we need temperature, high collar sweaters are essential, hurry.

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