Many hearts of your mind like you have a variety of natural skin care products, then do you know how to make your own moisturizing mask? If you don’t know, then you will bring you the relevant explanation of the method of self-made hydrating mask. Secondly, Xiaobian also added homemade whitening mask, homemade whitening moisture mask method, how to make hydrating mask and other answers Let’s take a look at it.


How to make hydrating mask

Nowadays, the first spring season, the weather is changed, the climate is dry, often in this season, our skin also needs a transition, the skin often occurs, fine lines, even peeling, sensitive, etc. In the early spring season, it is a top priority for skin moisturizing. It is far less than a single toner and emulsion for skin, but also needs homemade pure natural moisturizing hydrating mask care, how do you make a self-made hydrating mask?

Aloe vera orange juice moisturizing mask

First prepare materials: 1 piece, vitamin E1 grain, citrus juice, pearl powder, and the right amount of flour. First, the aloe vera is cleaned and then stirred into the mixer into a viscous, and then the remaining material is added to stir even in the container.

How to use: Wipe the face skin evenly spread, avoid the skin of the eye, and it can be cleaned with warm water after 15 to 20 minutes.

Efficacy: It can generate a thin-transparent moisturizing film in the skin’s epidermis, which can absorb moisture and nutrients, and can effectively prevent water evaporation loss, is suitable for any skin.

Method for hydraulic hydrating mask

Makeup can be homemade winter melon walnut hydrating mask, need material: 100 grams of winter melon, 20 grams of walnut kernel, 10 grams of honey production method: glassware or bowl in the melon (peeled into the mud), walnuts (Powder) 1 honey is stirred into a paste. After cleansing, it is quite 20 minutes after washing. Beauty Efficacy: Winter melon has cleaning skin, clearing the effect of pores in the pores; walnuts rich in vitamins can help skin anti-oxidation, but also reduce ultraviolet injury; honey has moisturizing, so that this mask is better.

Homemade whitening hydrating mask

Woman’s youth is like a flowers, and you want to keep this shortest beauty. Women have to spend more about themselves. This is why many women often use skin care products, and mask is one of the common skin care methods, and many masks on the market are very relieved. Why don’t you make your own whitening mask?

The cucumber mask is as follows: put the cucumber into the juicer juicer and pour into the small bowl. Then put the egg white, pearl powder, and the right amount of flour is confident, so as not to flow down. Wash your face and adjust it on your face.

Aloe Mask Practice: Stirring the aloe deposit into a thick juice, then pour into the container; add a small amount of flour or pearl powder in the container to become a paste; apply it on the mask paper or apply it directly on the face. Wait for fifteen minutes after cleaning.

Watermelon mask practice: watermelon skin, honey is appropriate. Mix honey to make mask with watermelon juice. It is directly applied for about 25 minutes. Skips often feel the skin, then the skin needs to be calm and then can be further treated. Watermelon skin masks can cool down the face, calm the skin.

Three white hydrating masks: white peony powder 1 teaspoon, white peony powder 2 teaspoon, white powder 1 teaspoon, aloe fresh juice, honey or milk. Mixed the above three kinds of powder, and the amount of honey in winter will be added. If you feel sticky, you will add a few drops of milk. Summer or over-oil skin is only adding the amount of milk. Each time it is applied to the face for 20 to 30 minutes.

Homemade whitening moisture mask method

We all know that the mask is a foundation of a foundation in the usual beauty skin. It has become a beautiful cheats necessary for many people, but there are also a lot of student party or those who have just entering the workplace think that many effects have good mask. It’s expensive, so I really have some economic stress for most civilian girls. Today, I want to introduce you such a few homemade hydrating whitening masks, and quickly come to learn.

1, honey mask

You can prepare the two large spoon honey, then prepare two eggs, only the egg whites are selected. Then mix the egg white and the honey that we prepared and the cereal, mix well, then use our traditional mask brush to brush it to our face, it is about 25 minutes, you can wash this face. After washing, you will find that the whole face is very smooth.

2, white peony mask

Put the white peony and the flour, mixed with flour, followed by pure water or warm water and then applied on the face.


3, yogurt whitening mask


Mix yogurt and flour, stirred into a uniform mud, then clean, put the tapered yogurt mask or a small brush, gently apply it on the face, after 15 minutes, then clean it with water. Yogurt it has excellent skin care effect, not only can dim, but also a whitening moisturizer. And there is a very good relief for the skin of acne, acne, and fat particles on the face. You can also use honey for yogurt, because honey is rich in vitamins and fructose, long-term use of freckle wrinkles.

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