Whether it is breastfeeding or milk powder, mothers need to choose a suitable bottle for the baby, but now there are many brands in the market, the materials, shapes, design of the bottle, how to choose a bottle that is the most suitable for their own baby. I have become a lot of new mothers. In this issue, the PCBaby evaluation room has brought a bottle with a self-contained silicone protective cover – happy with wide mouth glass bottle, let’s learn it!

Evaluation method:

Observe the appearance of the bottle, the review is fashionable, whether the bottle design is scientifically humanized.

Evaluation results:

This music with glass bottle bottle is a small color for small fresh fluorescent green, and there is a cute flowery pattern in front of a bottle. The bottle is a boric silicon glass, which uses curved waist design. It adds a layer of removable and cleaning of the fluorescent green silicone anti-down protective cover outside the bottle. It also designs detachable anti-skid handle to facilitate the baby practice.

The basic accessories of the bottle are complete, including glass bottles, silicone protective sleeves, handle seal ring, catheter, pacus needle, and cap.

It is also very simple to make it again, but the silicone anti-fall protective sleeve is slightly powerful. If it is realized that the protective sleeve assembles trouble, you can choose not to use.

1. Measuring the diameter of the bottle bottle cup diameter and the scales;

2. Observe the bottle body defense heart design.

The bottle diameter diameter of the music bottle is 4.124cm. The width design is very convenient for mothers to brew milk powder. Don’t worry about the bottle mouth too small milk powder, and the later bottle cleaning work will be relatively easy.

1. Observe the shape design of the nipple, help the baby to properly handle the nipple; feel the softness, flexibility.

2. Observe the number of pnegors and measure the size of the pacifier.

3. Press the milk powder punched ratio to test the bottle to adjust a bottle of milk, inverted the bottle, observe the speed of the milk flow during inverted milk.

Leel with the nipple is silica gel, the pacifier wall has 4 milk fluid flow columns, which is convenient for the baby sucking. The nipple hole is a cross shape. After inverting the milk, the milk will be dripped, and the flow rate is moderate.

Silicone is soft and elastic, and any twisting pull can restore the original state and will not be deformed.

If the baby sucks too much air during the breast milk liquid, it may cause a flatulence, stomach pain, etc. Inhaled too much air, causing a flatulence.

1. Observe the design of the bottle cap, and there is a top leakage design.

2. Install the nipple and bottle, sway invert, and observe if there is a leakage.

After editing the bottle rushing the milk, put the bottle inverted the bottle.

The music bottle is designed in the cap, which can better carry the bump part of the nipple. After the cover is strict, there is a lot of milk liquid extruded by the pacifier, and There is no signs of a lot of leaks in milk.

In combination, this music with wide mouth glass bottle is still good! With detachable cleaning, the bottle is more resistant to falling; the nipple is elastic, any distortion is not easy to deformed, automatic straw design, enhanced anti-flat gas capacity, the bottle cover and the pacifier fitness, good leakage, good leakage, Interested in Ma Ma can buy buy!

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