The underwear is a place for everyone. Since the underwear is a personal product, most people refer to underwear, still relatively shy, the main role of underwear, in addition to protecting the privacy department, can effectively isolate bacteria and fungi intrusion, protection Privacy parts are protected from viral infections to isolate the effect.

Initially, people did not know how to protect the privacy, slowly develop from several leaves into fashion items, which also revealed the progress of human wisdom, compared to male alarpex panties, the kind of female triangle panties, there is a wide variety of flirt.

Pure cotton underwear, lace underwear, transparent underwear

, Meet the needs of different people.


In the selection of underwear, women always have their own requirements and preferences, although underwear is inserted inside, it will not be easy to expose, but most women choose underwear, it will be carefully considering, I hope I can buy a good panty.

With the development of the times, people’s lives have also happened to earth-shaking changes. More and more people have begun to pursue high-quality life, and there is also a higher pursuit of hygiene and self-cleaning. Most people can hold one day. A good habit of underwear, despite this, there are many girls say:

Why do you have Huang Yellow in the middle of the underwear that is washed every day?

If you have this situation, you may wish to explore the secret of the yellow panties!


Girls are washed every day, why is it in the middle or yellow?




The reason for the yellow panties is a big relationship with blood, and women come once every month, representing good health, menstruation is reflecting female healthy


Although the menstrual cycle is 28 ~ 35 days, most women will cause menstruation disorders because of diet or work.

Failure to replace sanitary napkins and underwear in time will cause a small amount of blood to remain on the underwear, and the blood cannot be cleaned in time to make the underwear.


Cleaning is too frequent

Most women still have a day to clean up underwear, when cleaning underwear, many women choose professional underwear cleaning liquids for clean, if the underwear is excessively frequently cleaned or used for a long time, it will lead to changes in the nature of underwear. .

Long-term cleaning underwear is washed again, how to put it in the sun, can’t make the underwear soft, and it will make the surface of the underwear get more and more long.


Vaginal inflammation

The panties have a great relationship with women in vaginal inflammation, and there are many types of vaginal inflammation. Each will lead to secretion of female privacy.

A small amount of residue


A large amount of residual can be accumulated on the underwear for a long period of time, and the material of the undergings will change, no matter how to clean, it is unacified to clean the residue.



Urine or feces

There will be more less people’s underwear.

Urine and feces

This is also the reason why the underwear will send yellow. Many people are curious, and they will clean up with paper towels after their stools, why will they still have urine and feces.

Although most people urin urination will be cleaned with the paper towel in time, there will still be a small amount of urine remains near the vaginal mouth, and there will be a small amount of fecal residue in the anus, and re-put on the underwear. It will cause a small amount of urine and feces to perception, thereby residual in the underwear.

Due to the color of urine and feces, the color of the long panties will also be yellow and the cause of urine and feces.


Can you wear yellow harden underwear? How long does it take for underwear?

Q: Can the yellow and hard panties wear?

A: I can’t

According to relevant data surveys: in adult women,

Women who have been born with children is about 64%, and women who have not born children have about 32%.

The reason why women will suffer from obscuring diseases, except for frequent sexual life or less clean, the most induced reasons is due to the weight of underwear underwear.

In the yellow hard panties, a large amount of physical harmful substances, experts have found that the average of about 0.1 grams of feces on each underwear, and containing 10 million bacteria in this micro-feces, 1,000 pathogens Microorganisms, 100 toxins and rubbish, these poisons are unable to be cleaned with high temperature, even if it is cleaned once a day, underwear cannot clean these substances clean.

Long-term wearing yellow and hard pants will increase privacy parts, and the probability of infection will also increase the chance of women with gynecological diseases.


Each object has a certain period of use, the underwear is no exception, and the underwear will be replaced once, even if it is not possible to reach a certain period of time. Timely throw away.

The yellow hard panties will become bacteria culture dishes, and long-term wear will only increase the risk of physical infection.


How can girls choose a underwear suitable for you?


According to size

Before choosing underwear, you must clear your hip proportion. In the proportion, choose your underwear, don’t buy a tight panties, too tight panties will cause powerful binding sense of the privacy, and it is easy to induce vaginal infection. Passive underwear also results in a large number of bacterial toxins.


The most bicker

It is best for yourself.



Try to choose cotton material


When you choose underwear, try to choose the cotton underwear, cotton clothing has breathable and sweat-resistant, can effectively isolate bacterial and viruse intrusion and protect the health of the privacy.

3, go to the professional underwear store

I don’t know which kind of underwear is suitable for myself, I can go to a professional underwear store to choose, the staff of the underwear shop has experienced strict job training before working, and clarify the size and model of all kinds of customers, you can choose more weigh for customers. Panties.

The materials used by underwear stores are the most comfortable and soft.

Hand hip design

, More comfortable, safer.

Panties is still very important for women, and what do you think after reading a female friend in front of the screen? What do you think is the coldness of the panties? You can leave your opinion below the review area below.

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