As one of the important components of the cabinet: Cabinet door, what kind of sheets do you use when choosing a cabinet door? It is well known that it is often a variety of plates, but as a small knowledge that does not understand this. White owners, how should we choose the right cabinet door panel? So next Guangzhou decoration network to teach you

What kind of material is used by cabinet door?

Help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of various materials.

What material uses the cabinet door?

1, paint door board

Features of the paint door: This kind of color is bright and easy to shape, so this product is a strong visual impact, and this is very beautiful and fashionable and the waterproof performance is excellent, easy to clean, but also afraid of bumping Damage, it is difficult to repair the damage.

The advantage of the paint doorboard: It is bright, with a strong visual impact, good surface is good, easy to scrub, waterproof, and good fire prevention performance.

Disadvantages of the paint door: It is the complex process, the processing cycle is long, the price is relatively high; carefully shelter, afraid of bumps and scratches, damage difficult to repair, to be overall.

2, fireproof board

Fireproof board Classification: The substrate is a particle plate, a moisture-proof plate or a density plate, and the surface is decorated with fireproof board. (The fire panel is the main raw material using a silica material or a calcium material, mixed with a proportion of fibrous materials, light aggregates, adhesives, and chemical additives, and has a decorative sheet made of autoclava.

The advantage of fireproof board: the color of the fire door panel is relatively bright, the edge of the edge is diverse, wear-resistant, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, anti-permeability, easy cleaning, moisture, no fading, touch, price benefits, etc., domestic fire door panel The price is low, the capital of Korean plates and German plates increases by about 25% and 50%.


Disadvantages of fireproof board: fire board construction is relatively high for paste glue, and the quality of fireproof board in quality is more expensive than the decorative panel.

3, solid wood door

The cabinet door panel of the solid wood door is returned to the natural, returning to the effect, the style is mostly classical, the door frame is solid wood, the cherry, walnut, oak color is main, the door core is the medium-density plate to stick solid wood, so It can guarantee the special visual effect of Mingwu, and the border and the core plate combination can ensure the strength of the door panel, and no cracking, no deformation is long (everyday maintenance is still very careful).

In the production, unevenness molding is usually made in solid wood surfaces, outer painting. Therefore, the solid wood door panel maintains the logs of the logs and is soft and beautiful, especially some Italian imported high-grade solid wood cabinets, and the treatment of the flower corner and the paint-faced light color process reaches the world level.

4, melamine board

The melamine plate is also called the double-doxisper door plate full name being a melamine impregnated film paper ornament. It is an immersion in a melamine resin adhesive that will be placed in a melamine resin adhesive, and then paved to a particle plate, a medium density fiberboard or a hard fiberboard surface, which is thermally press.

At present, most of the plate-type custom furniture use melamine finishes, melamine delegates, represents MFC, is one of the mainly used door panels mainly used in the European cabinet factory. It has the strengths of surface flatness, not easily deformed, bright and bright, and resistant to resistance, and price is moderate. The trimerica-forming door panels produced in the sea is representative of the dew riverboard, and each indicator has reached an international standard and is a good choice.

5, blister door panel (molded door panel)

The plastic door plate substrate is a density plate, and the surface is blotted or used in vacuo or using a seamless PVC membrane compression molding process. The painted door panel color is fruitful, realistic, monochrome color is pure, non-cracking, non-deformed, resistant, heat resistant, stainable, anti-fading, is a mature cabinet material, and is simple in daily maintenance.

The plastic door panel is a very mature, very popular, very popular, which is divided into two major categories of mat-optical mold plate and high-light molding plate, can be processed into various types; the surface model has domestic and imported points, imports General imported from South Korea, Japan, Germany. And domestic differences in the thickness and thinness of the surface, and wear resistance.


6, acrylic door panel (crystal door panel)

The acrylic sheet has a normal transparency of crystal (also known as crystal door panel) of more than 92%, and has a good exhibiture effect with a dye colored acrylic plate. In addition, acrylic sheet: with excellent weather resistance, more High surface hardness and surface gloss and better high temperature resistance. The acrylic sheet has good processability, which can be divided into cast type and extrusion type according to the production process. It can be used in thermoforming (including molding, blow molding, and vacuum blister), or mechanical processing such as diamond, car, washing, cutting, etc. Mechanical cutting and engraving with microcomputer control not only increases processing accuracy, but also makes a more beautiful pattern and shape than traditional methods. In addition, the acrylic plate can be carved using laser cutting and laser engraving, and the effect of the effect is a strange article.

The organic glass used by the small workshop, the standardized manufacturer is embarking. Crystal plates enrich the design of the cabinet, a part of the favorite, which is popular in Europe.

7, metal quality door board

Metal quality door panel is a European epidemic color, which has a metal plate or imitation metal plate formed on a medium-density plate, a fine brigade, a surface formation of a dense protective layer, and the process and the West Germany are different. The difference is that Germany should be processed 2 processing (fire board veneers), and metal quality door panels are directly processed.

The metal quality door panel has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-erosion performance, daily maintenance, delicate texture, and long life. Following the prevalence of metal, this high-grade metal quality door panel treated by matte, chrome-plated, is increasinglycoming the new favorite of the world cabinet door panel, with aluminum finish convex concave panels, a door panel of the current archive.

8, solid wood composite door

The door frame base material is a solid wood, the door core board is a man-made panel or double-doxual plate, and the cabinet manufacturer is processed by itself;

Its strength is a colorful, border and double trim panels, fully reflecting personality fashion, daily maintenance cleaning, concise, and concise, the side frame plus the core plate structure is not chaotic, not deformed without the need for edge seals. This door panel reflects the ideal choice for modern people.

9, mirror resin plate (PET door panel)

The mirror resin plate is still more in the cabinet market. Its attribute is not a few in the paint door, which is fashionable, colorful, waterproof.

The disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant, easy to draw, and high temperature resistance is not very good, so the color requirement is high, and consumers who are pursuing fashion can choose the cabinets of the mirror resin plate, but because of the easy flowers, it should be taken care of maintenance. .

10, porcelain door

Porcelain door panels are high-grade materials treated in the cottage surface of the kitchen cabinet door. It is smooth, and the reflective object is clear. Paint, not easy to scratch, surfaceless osmosis, waterproof performance is very good.

Its environmental performance reaches the national E1 level, and the porcelain door panel is currently the content of the harmful substance in the paint door, and the benzene content is substantially zero. It is a green product that is really known.

11, nano antibacterial door

What is the nano antibacterial door plate: the shape of the nano-antibacterial door panel and the melamine plate is similar, all of which is a cabinet door of the surface-laid process process. The advantage of the nano-antibacterial door panel is that the surface of the finish is a layer of nanoscale, so that bacteria and The dust is not easy to attach to the surface, thereby achieving a good antibacterial effect, the bacteria is everywhere, in the air, there is a nano-antibacterial door plate to resist the intrusion of molds.


12, crystal steel door panel

Crystal steel door panel “The selected quartz sand through the plate material formed by two high temperature treatment [automotive steel glass], the crystal steel plate has high strength, hard surface, smooth, translucent, no odor, water, high temperature resistance and other characteristics The so-called aluminum alloy bag is a new cabinet with a stretch body with a high-strength aluminum alloy profile + ABS engineering plastic, and then inlaid. New cabinet with a 4 mm thick alcoholic steel sheet treated by PVC coating. Door panel.

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