Baby clothes are easily dirty, changed. Since daily stains and adults are not quite the same, coupled with a lot of treasures worry about the baby’s delicate skin, so the baby’s clothing and adults are cleaned, and the specialty baby wash liquor is used to wash.

On the market, there are many brands to launch a laundry solution for the baby, playing “super-suggesting”, “low bubble easy rinsing”, “gentle not hurt” and other advertisements. So, is these promotions? Is the baby’s washing solution better than ordinary laundry solutions?

In this issue, the stupid father picks up the high concern, the sales are also high.

15 baby laundry liquid, 3 ordinary laundry liquid


Decorgenation, easy rinsing, irritability, convenience


To expand the evaluation.

Through evaluation, it will compare from two dimensions: On the one hand, look at the baby laundry liquid for different brands, and who is more excellent; on the other hand, it is also more than the baby laundry liquid and ordinary laundry fluid, there is no Different differences.

The result is for your reference.

Routine declaration

: This laundry is evaluated as a neutral position, and the daddy does not accept advertisements and sponsorship of the attempt to affect the evaluation results.


1, evaluation sample & indicator

2, polluting power: no difference, “baby special” better

3, easy to rinse: Good boy, good father is slightly

4, irritability: 7 irritating is not ideal

5, convenience: NUK performance excellent, Wuyang Diston

6, comprehensive recommendation


1B & B Baingning fiber detergent

2NUK baby laundry

3 October crystal baby is joined to wash

4 Blue Moon Baby Dedicated Laundry (Lily Qingxiang)


Fast 5 full-effect 360 degree laundry


Evaluation Sample & Indicator

The 18 laundry liquid brands of this period include:

Blue moon, pigeons, red small icon, love, October crystal, Ying, Hehe, Babycare, Nuk, Baoying, Child, Frog Prince, Wuyang, Good Child, Good Dad, Bai, Bai, Super can.

The specific evaluation sample information and packaging are as follows:

Sample description:

In the 1st, 18 laundry liquids, 3 of the ordinary laundry solutions (neint, loose, super-energy), other 15 “baby special” laundry solutions.

2,18 laundry liquid


Concentrated laundry



The indicators of the washing liquid evaluation of this period include:

1, decontamination force 2, easy to rinse 3, irritating 4, convenience

Below, enter the formal evaluation process.

Decrease the pressure: the difference is not big, “baby special” is better

Decorism, that is, the ability to remove all kinds of stains, this is the most important ability of laundry solutions. Regarding the pollution, the mothers may have such questions:

1 Does the decontamination of different brand laundry?

2 Baby laundry liquid compared with ordinary laundry fluids, who is more polluating?

3 Is the same laundry solution, is it a cleaning or a machine to wash, is there a significant difference in pollution?

4 Most merchants suggest that the stains are prepared and then cleaned. This method is better than the direct hand wash / machine wash.

(Specific method of pre-coating treatment)


In order to answer the above questions, Stupid Dad has made a comprehensive depletion for 18 laundry fluids.

Evaluation method


1 According to the situation of the baby’s daily contact stains, Stupid Chief chose 7 common stains, including: 3 solid stains –

Chocolate sauce, crayon, soil

, 4 liquid stains –

Soy sauce, orange juice, milk, edible oil

2 simulate the baby’s stained clothes, on the cotton white cloth of 30 * 25cm, is equipped with 7 stains above. A total of 72 pieces of the same containement, standing overnight, and the stains are completely turned completely.

(P.s. Since the liquid stain is strong, the equal amount drops on the white cloth, the final area size and shape are different)

318 evaluation laundry liquid per washing 4 pollules: 1 pre-coating hand wash, 1 piece direct hand wash, 1 pre-coating machine wash, 1 direct machine wash.




The amount of laundry, water, and hand washing time (3 minutes) each time (3 minutes), and the machine is washed (10 minutes).


4 After drying, the clean level of each piece is compared.


Evaluation results

1, 18 laundry liquid to stain summary

115 Baby laundry solution, the blue moon is the highest, and the Babycare, Yingshi, the beginning, October crystal, love, ranking front, five sheep, red small icon, frog prince, decentralization comprehensive manifestation .

23 normal laundry solutions are not highlighted enough.





Comprehensive ranking of decentralization.


3 Overall, 15 baby laundry solutions are generally better than 3 ordinary laundry solutions. However, the difference is not very obvious, and the comprehensive score is not very big.

(Example: Children directly hand wash vs. Direct hand wash directly)

2, cleaning difficulty in different stains

The laundry solution can clean the stains, mainly on the surfactant, some baby laundry fluids also add specific enzymes (protease / lipase / amylase, etc.) to facilitate the common stains on the baby clothing. Since the decontamination composition and addition amount of different laundry fluids are different, the decontamination of various stains will be different.

In the seven stains of this round of evaluation,

Orange juice



It is best to clean, and most of the 18 laundry solutions in the evaluation are better;



The most difficult to clean, especially the machine is washed, and 18 laundry liquors are not ideal for the overall decontamination effect of the soil machine.

Blue moon

Performance is relatively slightly limited;

Other 4 stains (crayons, soy sauce, milk, edible oil) are difficult to easily,

Blue Moon, Babycare, Child, October Crystal, Nuk

It is better to depletion for these four stains.


3, hand wash VS machine wash

The 18 wash is more than the average score of the machine, that is, the same laundry liquid, which is better than the use of machine to wash the decontamination effect. Of course, the hand washing will be more tired.

(Example: Wuyang direct hand wash VS five sheep direct machine wash)

4, pre-coating treatment vs direct wash


The evaluation results of this round of the round show that whether it is hand washing or machine, it is better to prepare the stains in advance, and it is better than direct washing.

(Example: 嗳 预 预 处理 处理 机 Washing VS 嗳 嗳 direct machine wash)

Therefore, when it comes to hard-washing stubborn stains, it is recommended that the treasures can use hand wash + pre-coating method, and the decontamination effect will be more ideal.

Easy to rinse: Good boy, good father is slightly

Whether the laundry liquid is prone to rinse, is also a lot of money.

It is not easy to rinse, one is to wash the water, the second is that the laundry can remain on the clothing, and the sensitive baby’s skin is directly in contact with it, which may cause allergies, itching and other discomfort. Some little babies also like to bite clothes, unknown chemical composition swallowed into the belly, and there may be safety hazards.

1 Weigh 2G laundry liquid, quantify 1100 ml of tap water, and dissolve the laundry in the plastic basin.

2 Take a clean cotton towel in the basin full infiltration, uniformly press 10 times, remove the towels and remove the liquid and wash it in the basin.

3 Re-use 1650ml tap water in the plastic basin, press 2 in the process to rinse the towel, repeat 3 times. Each time is rinsed, the state in the basin is recorded.

After 43 rinsing, the final state of the liquid in the plastic basin is compared.

1, pigeons, son, suits, loose, rinsing performance is better.

After 2 times, there is basically no foam in the basin, but it can also see some flapped laundry residues. After 3 rinsing, the liquid in the basin becomes clear and free, the floc is relatively small.


(Liquid in the basin in 3 rinsing

2, good boy, good father, easy to rush performance is more inferior, ranking bottom.

After 2 rinsing, the liquid in the basin is still more turbid, the amount of foam is more, and the floc remains. After the third rinsing, there are still some foam and flocculating liquids.

3, other 12 laundry solutions, easy to rinse score inter-4.6 points.


(Example: October Crystal & Nuk)

Stimulating: 7 irritating is not ideal

Many treasures compare whether to add irritating ingredients to the junior collusion, may be hurt when hand washing, on the other hand, remains on the clothes, may stimulate the baby’s skin.

However, the Chinese laundry national standard is not forced to mark the specific ingredients of the laundry liquid on the package, so the treasures have not been able to find out what the packaging does not know exactly.


Stupid father sorted 18 ingredients for evaluating laundry solutions:


It can be seen that in 18 laundry fluids, only the crystallization of October is completely marked with the added ingredients. Among them, the cocolacamide DEA and DMDM ​​Ethyl urea belong to a component having a certain irritating, and the flavor can also lead to some baby allergic components.

Other 17 laundry fluids did not list specific components, mostly told. Among them, 8 marked adds flavor, 4 labels, adding preservatives, may have certain irritation.

However, because most evaluated laundry fluids are not completely labeled, the irritating evaluation cannot be read in the composition table, otherwise it is neither fair. To this end, Stupid Dad designed a irritating experiment.


Considering that the irritation of the laundry is mainly from the surfactant, it can be tried to adopt the “corn allean test method”.

The experimental principle is simply that corn alcohol is a substance that is almost insoluble in water, but is in relation to the surface active agent, and its water solubility will increase. Moreover, the stronger the surfactant, the greater the solubility of the corn alcohol protein. so,

After the same concentration of laundry liquid is thoroughly mixed with corn alcohol, the more deprecated, the smaller the irritation of the laundry liquid, the greater the irritation.

Specific operation steps: 10 g of laundry liquid, 90 g of distilled water, uniformly dissolved, then 1 g of corn alcohol-soluble protein, stirred for 90 min, stand, and observe the precipitation of the solution.

1, Baing, NUK, the stimulating performance is better.


The corn alcohol protein is barely stirred, and these two are hardly dissolved, the precipitation is much, similar to the white control group of the unpaged liquid, indicating that the surfactant is less irritating.

2, pigeon, red small icon, love, babycare, child, good boy, good father, corn alcohol protein almost completely dissolved, extremely small precipitation, irritating is not ideal.

3, other 9 laundry liquids, corn alcohol solutions dissolve, still retain some precipitation.

(Example: Frog Prince & Yingshi)

In addition to the surfactant irritating experiment, the stupid father also has 18 washing liquids.



The measured measurement was carried out.

The results show,

18 washing liquids are between 6-7

, In accordance with the requirements of the Light Industry Standard “QB / T 1224-2012 clothing liquid detergent” ≤ 10.5, and is also close to the normal pH of the baby’s skin, and the gentleness is ideally.

In addition, some treasures are also more than the laundry solution.

Fluorescent whitening agent

. But in fact, rationally use fluorescent whitening agents will not cause irritation and harm to the skin and eyes.

In general, in order to make white or color clothing, it looks “new, bright, very”, and some laundry fluids will add fluorescent whitening agents, but “baby special” laundry liquid, there is no such need and necessary.

Two ordinary laundry fluids in this period of this period

Tide full effect 360 degree laundry liquid, ultra-planting low-brew laundry liquid

The fluorescent whitening agent was added.

Other 15 baby laundry fluids and 1 normal laundry solution, no fluorescent whitening agents were added.

Convenience: NUK is excellent, Wuyang Diston

In addition to the characteristics of the laundry liquid, the packaging design of the laundry solution is convenient, and it will affect the daily use of the treasure mom.


Compare the outer packaging of each laundry solution, examined without a scale, no anti-leak-proof design, there is a transparent visual strip design.

1, 9 washing cups, designed a clearer scale, easy to insert the laundry liquid in use instructions, prevent excessive dosage, rinsing is not clean.

(Example: Nuk & Ying)

Blue moon uses pump head design, and the amount of pump is fixed. It is more convenient to press according to the use instructions.

The 2,15 laundry fluid has a leak-proof design, which can effectively prevent the laundry liquid remaining on the cup, and the flow is everywhere, and the laundry liquid can be avoided to the bottle.


(Example: Nuk & Babycare & Good Dad)


3, 5 laundry solutions designed transparent visual strips, through which the remaining amount of the laundry solution can be observed.

(Example: Curium & Pish)

There is no visual strip design of the laundry, and it is necessary to observe strong light to see the remaining amount of the washing liquid in the bottle.


(Example: Love & October Crystallization)

Comprehensive recommendation


Ended several evaluations such as decontamination, easy to rinse, irritating, and convenience, and dads gave each indicator to the importance of weight, and carry out weighting average calculation. The 18 laundry fluid final total score and ranking are as follows:

Stupid Dad gives you the best of the following 5 laundry liquids (4 baby laundry solutions, 1 ordinary laundry solution):

1. B & B Baingning Fiber detergent

Reference price: 79 yuan / 1500ml



: The comprehensive performance of the decontamination is better, and the easy-to-rinse performance is good, the irritation is small, and the cup cover is equipped with scale and leak-proof design. It is easy to use by Bao Ma.

2. NUK baby laundry

Reference price: 79 yuan / 1000ml

: The comprehensive performance of the decontamination is better, and the rinsingability is slightly inferior, the irritation performance is better, the cup cover is equipped with scale, anti-leak-proof design and transparent visual strip, better convenience.

3. October crystal baby is joined to wash the liquid


Reference price: 29.9 yuan / 1L

: The comprehensive performance of the decontamination is better, and the rinsing property is good, the irritation is moderate, and the leak-proof is designed, and the convenience is omitted.

4. Blue Moon Baby Dedicated Laundry (Lily Qingxiang




Reference price: 33.8 yuan / 1kg

: Comprehensive performance of the decontamination, the first, easy to rush, slightly irritating, pump head design, easy to remove, do not have to worry about the problem of leakage liquid.

5. Current weight 360 degree laundry

Reference price: 29.9 yuan / 1kg

: Comprehensive expression of the decontamination is slightly inferior, but the gap is not large, the easy-to-rinsing performance is good, the irritation is slightly, the cup cover is equipped with scale, anti-leak-proof design and transparent visual strip, better convenience.


Evaluation method

Evaluation method

Evaluation method


Evaluation results

Evaluation results

Evaluation results






Finally, it is necessary to emphasize

From the results of this evaluation, the gap between 18 laundry fluids is not very large, and the difference is relatively close. Therefore, in addition to the above 5 recommended products for reference, other laundry solutions can also choose according to factors such as demand, like, price, and do not have to be too entangled.

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