Winter wear is not only to pursue warmth, and of course it is less elegant. For every gentle and ladous woman, it is essential in winter is a hundred and atmospheric skirts.


Next, I recommend the four orchards of winter elegant women. After wearing the upper body, it is easy to make a new height, let people feel the heart, come and see it.

First, lace skirt

• White suit + black lace skirt

If you want to wear and have a woman taste in winter, you must try to use a white suit with a black lace skirt, and the simple woman will show a unique woman. Don’t say how high-quality temperament. Like a lace dress with black silk and high heels, it will not look exaggerated in the workplace, but in harmony, there is a woman taste.

• Camel coat + white lace skirt

If you have a lot of girls who are gentle and smashed, they have worked hard, using the classic atmosphere of camel coats, with gentle and fresh white lace skirts, both advanced and affinity.

• Camel leather jacket + beige lace skirt

Self-brought a happy and happy leather jacket, how is it feeling with gentle and women’s flavor? This unique mashup style is very popular, which retains personality and is very atmospheric. The layered lace floral pattern is stacked together, highlighting the design, the niche is fresh.


Second, pleated skirt

• Gray suits + brown pleated half dress

Gray and brown together, rich and fashionable, both colors are quite advanced. Short style suits coat with black high collar sweaters, highlighting mature women’s elegant and stable side, the lower half skirt is very good to weaken the dullness of dark color, umbrella shaped skirt Good body is good.


• Windbreaker + pleated half dress

The windbreaker jacket and gentle and ladies’ pleated skirt are mixed with the high-grade gas field of mature women, and the overall match is soft. This type of pleated half dress, using light tones, put on the body, is a pair of black pointed high heels, mature women put more charming.

• Down vest + pleated half dress

In daily match, you can use low-key and simple items with casual feelings. Like this set of down vests with pleated half skirts, leisure and age, skirts and short boots have left a certain skin and white refreshing and foreign.


Third, sweater skirt

• Fur collar cotton clothes + black sweater skirt


If you want everyone to know the matched match, it is very thin, this long style of gray fur collar cotton clothing, uses a large version to wear the body, lazy, the lower body with straight knit dress, Highlight the slimming of the lower body. The feet are a pair of Loffu shoes, with black bottoming socks, and the casual is full.


• White coat + black knitted half dress


The high waist type straight half skirt is very suitable for use with a neck jacket, with a light-colored neck jacket, forming an inside and outside color matching, very leveling. The upper body is a black and white grillat style V-neck cutle, color matching classic and atmosphere, very well-duty.

• Wood short coat + light coffee color knitted half skirt


If it is a match with exquisite and discounted gas, then the following style is not missing. The white white short coat is matched with light coffee colors, and the lower body is a light coffee color knitted half skirt and fur collar to form an echo.


Four, straight skirt

• Blue white striped top + black high waist straight skirt

The perfect body proportion is inseparable from the modification of the high waistline. This high waist-free skirt is matched with a short coat, and the perfect highlights the advantages of the size, which is very taking a tap.

• Leather jacket + leopard straight skirt

The most handsome leather jacket and wild sexy, full of leopard straight skirts together, personality is handsome. The skin is white in the skin’s semi-skirt and the plush slippers on the feet, refreshing and stylish.

For each woman who loves beauty, there is less than 4 skirts recommended for everyone. If you also think that these match is very practical, try it.


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