Today is mid-November, the weather is getting more and more cold, many people have begun to wear thick and warm winter wear, the wardrobe will naturally be updated, but no matter how to choose costumes,

The status of the sweater is particularly stable, which can be said to be a “custom sea otter” in winter.

Sweater, wear, super fashion

From the style design, the style of the sweater is also more varied.

There are both close lightweight, and there is a coarse needle design loose version.

These also determined that the sweater is very diverse, and then we will introduce some of the tips for sweating.

First: Slim sweater

According to routine, sweaters are generally used as two purposes.

One is bottoming, one is single


,, According to the style, it is divided.

The more the slim tailor, the more you can wrap your body curve




Effect. It is the most suitable use as the internal use, and the slim sweater is mixed with a variety of fashion items while making it.

Wearing an example: high collar dress sweater + knit cardigan + half length skirt + long boots

Key words: modern, trendy, display, high


High collar sweater

Not only the line is simple

Chang, but also very good


, Can also take it when you match other items


Minimalist route

If you prefer modern trendy style, you can match one piece

The high waist pleated skirt can create a minimalized effect.

Moreover, high-waist design and slim tailor can better highlight superior body proportions, in addition to better meet the warm wind of winter, choose one

Holding knee boots

Can also be very good

Increase the personality and trend of shape

Effect, especially

For small children

For example, this semi-dewable matching style can be very good




Second: Rough Needle Sweater to create a lazy casual

Compared with the slightly designed sweater, it is more eye-catching, and it is more eye-catching.

The pattern is also more obvious.

It is easy to create full of


Most of the cases

Combined with loose tailoring to create a lazy comfort atmosphere.

This sweater has a slimming role with the above slim style, and because the cut is too loose, even if it is with the down jacket coat, it will also increase the thickness of the shape, so we can use it as a jacket. Used, if you are afraid of cold, you can add some warm strips inside.


Wear example: loose high collar sweater + high waist skirt / high waist straight pants + Martin boots

Keywords: revealing waistline, high, refreshing sense

When choosing a loose knit sweater, we can develop in both directions if you

More preferred women taste


It can be followed

High waist skirt combination

In colors, you can use some distinctive effects, such as

Red and black


This can be created with color contrast


At the same time, you can increase the shape.

Sweet breath


If you prefer

Modeling clear route


Parquet with pants

It is the most suitable, especially in the winter, most people will add legs or plus velvet leggings, in order to prevent too bloated,

Can choose direct design or wide-leg design

, Join in the shape


The rule of the law, while the waist is revealed, it can strengthen the casualness and fashion.


Three: The sweater dress is more goddess


The above two sweaters are short design, and they are also comparable to the aesthetic ability.

wool dress

It is very good to solve this problem.

Combine sweaters with dress


Come, long sweater skirts can be easily created


Elegant goddess

Make, and according to your personal figure, you can pick different styles.

01: Pear shaped figure Select H-type or high casteer skirt design

The former can use


The straight line of the straight line cover the fat between the waist

Hidden the little belly, and the latter is more able to highlight the lumbar characteristics of the pear type body, and create a mask with fluffy skirts.

02 hourglass body selection package hip fish tail skirt design


Of course, if you are confident enough, you can boldly choose the bag of hip fishing skirts, design this category skirt.

To be more sexy

I only need to match a coat, you can easily create a feeling of a female star.

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Winter wardrobe updated! Many sweaters easily create modern fashion, warm temperatures are incorrect

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