We will go to the major occasions. Now we will wear a skirt. Nowadays, there are now a tape design, which can be more large, but many people are not tied. So, we will learn how to get tapes together now.

How to get straps

First getting the lack of the straps, the first side is aligned, so that the length of both sides will be almost the length of it. Then wear the ends of the straps from the above holes. According to the same method, the holes under the lower is cross-cut, a little similar to the lace. After all of the holes on the dress, the place to bend the bending of the dress will look good.

Take a tape

The straps in the back of the dress can better show the waist cells, so it must be paid attention to when the straps in the back of the dress, let the makeup artist first reason one by one, then according to the method of lace, then tied Bring one by one, tighten the straps one by one from the bottom. But in this pull process, you can’t be stupid. Be sure to follow the direction of the strap, it is too tight, if you are too tight, you will feel very uncomfortable.

Is it accessory to bridesmaid?



2. Be sure to find a good sister who is willing to come to him as a bride with a bride.


3, if you want to wear some jewelry, don’t brighten more than the bride’s jewelry. On the neck, a white silk scarf can show the beauty of the bridesmaid, and will not give the bride to the next, so it is just right.



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