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Have you seen especially like to play stickers children? Children obsession stickers, almost some places hardest hit by the mess at home.


Home on the cupboard, the refrigerator, on the wall, on the bed, covered with stickers on the windows everywhere, as long as the local planes, an inattentive child was plastered with stickers.

Even some children also her mother’s back, face, affix a sticker on his arm.

Two treasures from the 2 year old started to like stickers, sticker he put in the book, some text and pictures are covered by stickers, can not read, he has great sense of accomplishment, proudly admitted that he posted.

Remember when, we like to put a sticker on the book, far from now so rampant child.

A friend may think that children play at home stickers mess up, limit their children to play. I thought, quite expensive stickers, stickers again wasted, less for kids. But when I understand the reasons and benefits behind, I will not limit their children’s play.

Children like to play stickers, to know the reasons behind

Erbao 2 year old when it is seen from a mathematical enlightening book stickers, stickers to use to answer questions, he met a sticker from the sticker sheet especially love to see a book you have not asked sticker above, I want to buy the supermarket to see the sticker. Stickers so kids why it love at first sight? I analyzed, there are probably two reasons.


Stickers is a special thing


Children are a lot of childhood toys and books, there are building blocks, puzzles, cars, plush toys, cloth books, board books, looking through books, picture books and so common, they have different characteristics, but more stickers in mystery .

Sticker sticky

Can be torn off from a piece of paper and then paste it on another sheet of paper or other surfaces, but also very strong, will not fall, these are other toys do not have the characteristics of play time is also very creative, let the children feel very curious.


Stickers wide range of shapes

, A standard square, round, star-shapes, and also looks like the shape of the object, moving with the shape, very diverse, flexible.

Of course,

The size of the sticker is ever-changing

There’s little finger so small, it does have a small bowl as big, very strong contrast. This change in the form of the rich, but also very attracted the attention of children.

Sticker color is very rich

, A piece of paper patterns changing, inherently visual animals for children, very attractive.

Affect the family or kindergarten

If a child in kindergarten, love of reward stickers from the start. Every good performance, the teacher will reward a small sticker on his forehead. I remember his son as a child get sticker plastered with a column of sincere love stickers.

Positive psychologist Skinner proposed to strengthen the theory that rewards can influence a person’s behavior.

In the child’s eyes, it is a symbol of reward stickers. Children love stickers, in fact, because want to get rewarded.

If the child has not been to kindergarten, the family will learn to use stickers to children, the child’s natural behavior has also been strengthened.

Children play advantage stickers

For children, every action has a psychological need, for every action he has a good role in promoting, stickers play is no exception, a lot of advantages.


When children play with stickers, not a simple action, it is a series of complex movements.

To accurately place the stickers torn off, but also to maintain the integrity, the need for children to be careful with your fingers to pull, to tear. To accurately then pasted into a range, you need to identify the edge, gently paste up, then smoothed with a small hand.

Children playing in the beginning, often can not find the edge of stickers, stickers can not be torn or torn. When affixed stickers, not easy alignment, large deviation occurs, but also was posted uneven. But after a period of exercise, these actions flowed, stickers and get accurate and smooth, simply trivial.

Play stickers process,

Led the whole body exercise, especially exercise coordination, finesse finger tactile stimulation of the hand.

Japan’s Takeshi Inagaki famous pediatrician, said: “Let the children to actively use both hands, the fingers to be keen sense of touch is an important stimulus to promote brain development.”

Children in the process, met a lot of color, graphics, text and other information,

Improve cognitive ability. Observation, concentration has infiltrated them.

Children play with stickers, not simply paste, but also imagination and creativity, compile a story, while stick aside and said,


Promote the development of language skills



I find two treasure like this, step by step, will not stick to paste from skilled, more play the more skilled, more play the more creative and various capacities have been fully exercise.

Select the appropriate stickers to the children


Sticker divided into open and fill in the blank type sticker stickers two kinds of theory, children play is the order:

Open manner stickers – fill in the blank type stickers – stickers the way open.


Stickers way open, very flexible, children are free to use their imagination and creativity,

I want to stick Where can get their own fun.

Fill in the blank type stickers, opponents eye coordination requirements are very high, it belongs to the Early Learning spirits, entertaining, to raise awareness in the course of play, develop logical thinking, hands and brain fit.

Generally speaking,

3 years of age to play the way open stickers, more than 3 years old can play fill in the blank type stickers

If the child is particularly strong practical ability, time may also advance, no special provisions for their own is the best.

Both forms of stickers have played two treasures, play the main fill in the blank type label, this book is about more than 20 books, and now he gave up a big sets, playing very happy.

Now Erbao set of stickers is playing Compass Press

“I play China Stickers”

, A total of seven, is also supporting a map, weight is enough.

Each book has about 70 stickers, seven nearly 500 stickers, decals large enough to let the children play to have fun.

Stickers in various forms, styles, good good paste is removed, let the children feel the fun of playing with stickers.

Play stickers process, understand the knowledge map, geographical position, the country’s administrative regions, local customs, food culture, but also know a lot of Chinese characters, regarded as the children’s geography, history of the Enlightenment, the Enlightenment language, full of great educational value.

This book 7 +1 maps were 39.9 yuan


, Like Mom and Dad click on the following link to order.

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Tour China to play a full seven sticker 2-6 years old

¥ 39.9


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