Plate wood combined with furniture is very popular in the furniture industry, the combination of solid wood frames and artificial sheets makes the wooden combination of furniture not only guarantees the texture of solid wood furniture and will not be too expensive, but also have an advantage in terms of structural stability and price, but also the environmental protection Nature’s color is more like everyone likes. Let’s take a detailed understanding of the knowledge of the board and furniture.

How is wood combination?

Plate wood furniture is scientifically combined with the advantages of solid wood and plate. On the one hand, since the human panel is more stable than the physical properties of the solid wood board, it makes up for the defects of solid wood furniture, defects; on the other hand, solid wood or solid wood veneers make the furniture have the appearance of solid wood furniture, which belongs to high cost furniture. For example, when designing the sofa, the bed, the bed is used in the bed, the wooden furniture is used in the bed leg, the sofa border, etc. With solid wood, other parts use the artificial sheet, so that the life of the furniture is noted, and reduces Cost. For example, when designing a wardrobe, bookcase, the cabinet uses the natural wood grain melamine double-doxished shavings, the surface is queen or the solid wood veneer, which looks like a solid wood cabinet, but the price is cheap, and it is better to play reason.

If you like the feeling of solid wood, the funds are insufficient, and you may wish to choose the furniture of the board.

The advantages of board wooden combination furniture

1, beautiful

Plate wooden combined with furniture has a variety of venues, which can be varied in color and texture and shape, and the overall appearance is beautiful.

2, environmentally affordable

Board-wood combined with furniture is much more favorable, because the use of artificial sheets has high usage of logs, it will not cause waste of wood like solid wood furniture, and it is also very environmentally friendly. of.

3, practical and firm

Plate wood combined with furniture avoids solid wood furniture due to temperature humidity changes, cars, etc., to ensure the life of furniture.

4, detachable transportation

The combination of detachable board wood furniture parts is usually used in various metal hardware connections, assembly and disassembly are very convenient, and furniture with high machining accuracy can be disassembled for multiple times.

Slave wood combined with furniture

板木结合的家具怎么样 板木结合家具的优缺点

1. If used inferior glue is easily formaldehyde

Plate wood furniture is prone to the situation of unscrupulous, and if the veneer is not strict, the glue quality of glue used in wood production will release contaminants such as formaldehyde, leading to indoor formaldehyde to exceed the standard, which is not conducive to human health.

2, bad merchants reduce process affecting furniture life

Some manufacturers have reduced their manufacturing in order to reduce cost and equipment manufacturing, which makes it a small impact on the production process, whether it is the appearance, environmental protection or service life.

3, the quality and weakness is difficult to distinguish

The furniture combined with board is white, which is the solid wood as a spot, and the rest of the places are plates, and according to experience, the furniture of the board is basically a very bad plate, because the solid wood can be hit other parts. The cover is difficult to distinguish the quality of the furniture of board wood.

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