Bread pants refers to the baby’s small panties, but the parcel is particularly good, and the drums are like a bread, so it is called bread pants. The bread pants contains a waterproof layer, and cotton trough fabric is used, and the waterproof layer is to prevent the baby from peeing out of the pants outside, and the cotton thin fabric makes the baby more comfortable.

Bread pants is actually a kind of small panties. Generally, when the baby is separated from the diapers to wear underwear, first select the bread pants and then the ordinary small panties. But a lot of careless mothers think the baby is still small, there is no need to wear small pants. In fact, it is necessary to give your baby a small panties. When started to wear small pants to your baby? From the beginning of birth, you need to use diapers or diapers from birth.

18 ~ 24 months: from diapers, wear small pants. The baby began to enter the kindergarten at the age of 3, so at least be used to wearing underwear before the age of 3. Mom should pay attention to observation, if the baby has the following performance, you can slowly let your baby get away from diapers: diapers are often dry for 2 to 3 hours (his “urinary” ability is improved); can sit in a tabble built; Clearly express your feelings, such as “urine”, “urine”; suddenly stopped when playing; the baby can understand simple instructions. Baby does not wear underwear harm

1. Damage to the baby’s baby under normal development of 3 years old, body temperature central development is not perfect, as aspects such as organ, blood, endocrine, etc. are still unable to fully adapt to the external environment, especially the abdomen is very sensitive to temperature, slightly not paying attention Cold, it will cause abdominal pain or cold, and even hurt the baby’s normal development.

2, the healthy light buttock that damages the privacy will make the baby’s ass, the genital’s official is exposed, but the baby is smaller, and the body exposures is easily infected, may have urethritis, cystitis, Urinary system infection, even caused diseases such as collectic diseases, is also easy to be injured by sharp, and is injured.


3. Help the baby to play genital babies began to explore their bodies from a few months, and the little hand keeps touch, including genitals. “Light ass” will strengthen this behavior of your baby, it is easy to sinate in this interest.

4. It is not conducive to the baby to accept an important milestone for the toilet training. The baby that has been light with butt may not be awareness of the toilet, which is prone to the phenomenon of randomness. Let your baby develop the habit of wearing small panties, and the benefits have a lot of anti-abdomen: After wearing small pants, you can prevent your baby from being cold. The abdomen is very sensitive to the temperature, and it is easy to pay attention to the abdomen, and the baby is prone to abdominal pain or a cold. When the weather is cold, the insulation effect of small panties is particularly prominent. It is conducive to accepting the toilet training: wearing a small panties for the baby to help the baby’s independence culture and mental development.

More importantly, the baby is to accept the toilet training, from small formation of regularity such as toilet, which is important to the growth of the baby. Protect the private place, prevent infection: With the growth of the month, the baby is particularly loved to climb on the ground. When wearing less, dirty things are easy to pollute the urethra, and acute cystitis is caused, it is easy to hurt because of bumps.

In addition, the pants are hard, wearing small pants can reduce the friction of the pants and protect the baby’s skin. What questions should you pay attention to? Material: Material: Choose cotton underwear for the baby, because cotton sweats, soft, breathable, no ball, wear more comfortable, especially in hot summer, then Don’t worry about not breathable! Size: Size size should be moderately important. Many treasure moms feel that the baby is very fast, I like to buy clothes bigger, I can wear more than one year, this idea is wrong, such as underwear, it should be comfortable. First.

Color: Baby chooses underwear, should be light-color, especially for female babies, light-color underwear can make your mother understand some health problems.

Style: Let your baby choose what you like yourself. Don’t look at the baby, but it is also a little adult, talk to your baby’s equality, respect your own choice, which will inspire your baby’s sense of responsibility and protection, you choose, you protect, not easy to stain, and love it.

Author: Liu Honggui

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