Every quarter of parents want to give the baby the best, but the new hands and parents often don’t know how to choose the baby in the face of the newborn, a dazzling newborns, and do not know how to choose the baby. Is it good to be separated?

Connected cloth VS split clothes

Newborn is wearing a lifting advantage:

You can keep warm and protect your belly, prevent your child from being cold, suitable for spring and autumn and winter.


Newborns are relatively frequent, one but it needs to be removed, and it is not convenient to observe the umbilical cord break.

Separate clothes advantages:

The replacement of the up and down (such as the monk) can only be replaced / down, more convenient, and other newborn umbilical cord fracture can be observed at any time.

Disadvantage: If it is recommended to wear it only, if you wear a pants, you will be loose, too tightly, or touch the umbilical cord.


The choice of newborns is mainly health and safety, soft and comfortable! According to the physiological characteristics of newborns, delicate skin, short neck, easy to sweat, size of the nursing frequency, the choice of clothes can be referred to:

Material health and safety:


Gauze or cotton material is best suited for newborns, with profile ventilation and absorbent.

Material hard or chemical fiber is easy to scratch your baby’s skin or cause allergic reactions, which may cause skin breaking infection.

Light color:

The newborn clothing is mainly light-color, especially the underwear, the baby sometimes uses the tongue, the dark is relatively easier to decolor, or spit milk, the size of the size is easier to discover, can be replaced in time.

Easy to wear:


The neck of the newborn is short, the clothes are best choosable, the round neck, V collar, prevent rubbing the chin, facial skin, such as the most commonly used monk.

Loose comfortable:

Choose size-sized clothes, too little baby is uncomfortable, affecting child development and possible restrictions.

The style is simple:


The newborn baby should not rush to “dress up”, choose a simple design, avoid the lace, design, more orientation, two-to-small decorative items are easy to fall off, the baby lacks self-protection ability, and it is easy to happen.


New-born clothes are now very reasonable. Basically, they are all opposite launches, which is suture in the outside of the body (avoiding the wire and other posted baby skin), the label is mostly outside, if you encounter a label to remove the label, Prevent friction scratches; newborns and little babies, it is best not to wear the head clothes, the baby will replace the clothes to do not convenient, and it is also possible to pull the scratch after the head, or slow down, the child is very easy to struggle.

In summary, Bao Ma is preparing for both newborn clothing according to its own production time, and it can be prepared, with use, such as separated tops in the indoor / month, out / temperature is low, no too much Entangle!

Nothing, scientific childcare, happy growth!

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