Interpretation of style


What else is more enjoyable than “100 wealth”.The jade cabbage is “in a hundred wealth”, it is one of the topics of the jade industry, and common people are used to give friends and family to bring sincere blessings.And the roots of the cabbage are very pure, and there is also a meaning expression.


material analysis

For such process orifolds, it is quite important for the choice of raw materials.Cabbage uses a selection of high-quality primary ore and white jade, which is made by hand engraving, and the delicateness of the jade is reserved, and the touch is round and smooth.The overall shape of the jade cabbage is vivid, detailed, ands for the crowd like this type of object, it can be attracted.


Functional innovation

Exquisitely carved cabbage, beautiful shape, color is round.The homonym “Bai Fei” means that the fortune is smooth, symbolizing the source of financial resources.With white jade and safflower color, crystal clear, vital, as a business gift or self-advantage, with deep Chinese cultural atmosphere and unique odor.

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