Recently, Yang Liping jumped out the video of the female white rabbit. The girl with only 21-year-old girl is tall, the value is outstanding, and the netizen is hot.

Little white rabbit is not only Yang Liping’s foreign women, but also her love, since childhood follows Yang Liping to learn dance, always being seen as a successor. She is wearing a white peacock service, the value does not lose the aunt Yang Liping and the little color flag, dances the “Spirit of the Spirit” and dances beautifully full of aura, quite a few points of Yang Liping.


Netizens looked at Yang Liping’s videos, some people said that this is Yang Liping’s sister’s child, and some say that Xiao Xiaobai is also most like Yang Liping.


Yang Liping is my country’s top-level dancer. She has never accepted formal dance education. With the outstanding talent, she conquered the hearts of thousands of viewers. Her “Spirit”, “10-sided ambush”, “Pingtan Impression”, etc.


Yang Liping has spent a lot of hardships and cultivating a small color flag, and has a chance to show her spring evening. I didn’t expect the little color flag after the spring evening, but she chose to enter the entertainment circle and starred in a lot of film and television dramas.

Yang Liping loved his little white rabbit, and he made it as a successor. When the small white rabbit birth last year, Yang Liping also specifically in the social platform for its celebration, a text: “I wish you dance with you to dance, you can see your own new heaven, you can see the ardent hope of foreign women.

The young white rabbit is superior, and Yang Liping teaches the heart, I believe it will grow as an excellent dancer. I look forward to her creating a different grade, and the blue is better than blue.

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