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Night Lights

A Bitcoin wallet as thin as a credit card! Taiwanese company’s products are popular all over the world and have been invested by SBI of Japan

CoolBitX, a Taiwanese blockchain startup that produces Bitcoin cold wallets, announced that it has received strategic investment from Japanese financial group SBI, and has also become a key player in SBI’s cryptocurrency ecosystem to provide offline cryptocurrency storage solutions. Bitmain also invested, and Taiwanese bitcoin wallets are selling hot worldwide Founded in 2014, Kucoin mainly …

Other Intdoor Lighting

The hieroglyphic calligraphy of oracle bone and gold script shows the beauty of calligraphy

Special statement: This article is uploaded and released by the author of the “Xinhua” account of the new media platform of Xinhuanet’s client, and only represents the author’s views, not the position and views of Xinhua. Xinhua only provides an information publishing platform. Oracle, with a symmetrical, stable pattern. The three elements of calligraphy are …