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The Chinese knot bracelets are beautiful and three -dimensional, and it looks better on the hand! Attached tutorial

Wearing a Chinese bracelet woven by myself, it incorporates a strong heart and is loved by people. Today I will continue to introduce to you a very beautiful Chinese bracelet compilation method, that is, this stack of mountains in the picture Covenant bracelet. The bracelets compiled by Dienshan are beautiful, with strong three -dimensional sense, …

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Life Big Bang Penny is so bright, fluorescent skirts can still be inserted, netizens: I thought it was painted

On September 20th, Beijing time, the 73rd Golden Ames Awards ceremony was held in the United States. In the American drama “The Big Bang”, the actor of the heroine Penny Penny, Kellyko, attended the red carpet. Kellyko wore a fluorescent suspender split -mop long skirt. The split design would look slender. The low -cut camisole …

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Peking University team developed the world’s first 12 -color eye camera, which can shoot short videos

Science and Technology Daily reporter Zhang Jiaxing “Take a break for a while, open your eyes, stare at the green point, and keep it. Okay-” At the Beijing Tongren Hospital, a seemingly normal eye camera is checked for the subject. “This machine collects 12 wavelengths of image collection.” Feng Ximeng, a doctor of Peking University, …