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Night Lights

Pair placket with leggings

As the saying goes, “Wear clothes and hats, each has its own good.” “It seems that wearing clothes and hats can be done spontaneously. In fact, it is at the mercy of “fashion”. “Fashionable, fashionable”, prosperous according to the times. The times are different, and so is the “Xing”. “Fashionable” is herd. It’s popular. Clothing …

Night Lights

Early morning briefing! Zhengzhou City added 1 confirmed case and 8 asymptomatic cases, trajectory details were announced, and many people were associated with the Sixth Hospital of the city… 5 places are adjusted to medium-risk areas

Per editor: Peng Shuiping In the early morning of August 5, Zhengzhou City issued two important notices and notices in succession, adjusting 5 regions to medium-risk areas and implementing closed management, while notifying 1 new confirmed case and 8 asymptomatic infections, and announcing the travel trajectory of 9 infected persons. Image source: Photogram Zhengzhou City …